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Let this Christmas music specialist help you get into the good mood.

By this time next week, Christmas will be over as far as actual dates are concerned. In fact, for us Pinoys, Christmas is just the harbinger of an even bigger excuse to party at the New Year celebrations coming a week later.

Just being with the brand as the one who celebrates the season the longest. But did you know that some people say that he looks forward to the New Year holidays all year round?

That’s what Elizabeth Chan is like. Since her 2013 debut, the New York native has established herself as a music act that specializes in her music for Christmas.

Elizabeth Chan has Pinoy roots and found success in marketing (she worked for Condé Nast) before deciding on a full-time career as a Christmas music singer and songwriter. Her songs “Fa La La” and “Best Gift Ever” (released in her 2013 and her 2018 respectively) have charted on Billboard’s Adult Her Contemporary Her Top 20 chart. And just last year she released “Queen of Christmas”. This is an album of spoken word and music that tells the story of who else. The Queen of Christmas of course!

So you could say she made Christmas a business. While everyone sees her December as the end of her year, it’s actually her busiest time of the year for Elizabeth. She’s been working on her latest, her 12th album, ’12 Months Of Christmas’.

Elizabeth Chan is all about her new songs, so forget hearing about “Jingle Bells” and all the old songs that have reached public domain status.

EC sings about holly, trees, and reindeer, but also about strength of character in the opening song, “Avalanche.” Even people who sing songs during the most exciting time of the year feel a lot of pressure. now you know

And don’t say that the EC only asks about the material things of Christmas. We can all take a page from her book and ask for something, or perhaps someone who can make our lives a little better. “New Boss for Christmas.” “New face, new job, new place” or simply “new boss”. It’s pretty cheeky, but it’s also true and has a catchy melody.

“This Is My Year” is an evocative song that goes beyond traditional Christmas songs and is actually a very moving pop-rock song, a first for Elizabeth Chan, I think. “Greatest Of These Days” is no different, with club-style stomp praising the positives of the season.

Disco-funky “Merry Merry,” “Christmas Around The World,” and “The Santa Clause,” presumably sung by her daughter, bring happiness to this holiday-themed album.

“!2 Months Of Christmas” is a credit to Elizabeth Chan and speaks more for her commitment to her chosen niche. Forgetting to be her star of pop all year long, Elizabeth Chan is focusing on that one special season. And she works all the while, her last five to six weeks of the year doing her best like her boss.

She’s all about writing that one (or two) Christmas classic, and this album is another step towards achieving that.

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