YouTube Partners with 8th All-Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA)

Ahead of the much-anticipated 8th edition of the All African Music Awards (AFRIMA), tagged “Teranga Edition”, scheduled to take place in Dakar, Senegal from 12-15 January 2023, global entertainment service YouTube has announced that AFRIMA and signed a partnership. Helps provide live streaming support for artist-focused educational sessions and awards.

The pinnacle of African music visibility globally, AFRIMA stands poised to ensure that the annual four-day festival is broadcast to music lovers and stakeholders around the world.

Importantly, YouTube will conduct workshop sessions with African creatives at the Africa Music Business Summit (one of the events of the 8th AFRIMA) to educate them on visibility across the global creative ecosystem on digital platforms.

The global streaming service is a special incubator program called the AFRIMA Creative Academy, also known as the All Africa Music Awards, aimed at empowering one million Africans (and diasporas) in the music and creative industries over the next five years. partner.

A YouTube link for the live stream is available on AFRIMA’s YouTube page Subscribe to our channel for free to watch the African Music Business Summit live on Friday, January 13, 2023 from 9am to 4:30pm (WAT). AFRIMA Music Village will be streamed live from 6pm to dawn (WAT) that day. Finally, the 8th Annual AFRIMA Main Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live from the red carpet – 4:30 PM (WAT).

Commenting on the development, Angela Martins, Head of Cultural Affairs, African Union Commission (AUC) said: Stage. People can now easily follow up on award ceremonies via smartphones and other devices. It is also important to continue education to help creators succeed in their crafts. We are delighted to be working with YouTube to achieve this shared vision. ”

AFRIMA President and Executive Producer Mike Dada praised the streaming service for supporting Africa’s creative economy.

“We have all seen an increase in the distribution of short-form audiovisual content on these services and how they have helped promote African music and creators on a global scale. We believe that it will be a real vehicle for expanding the revenue funnel for domestic creators and also facilitating foreign direct investment.In the spirit of improving Africa’s creative ecosystem, YouTube’s We look forward to working with such an ambitious and innovative team.”

Addy Awofisayo, Head of Sub-Saharan African Music at YouTube, said: Enable collaboration both locally and globally, all over the world.

“With AFRIMA and the African Union, we are committed to deepening our relationship with music players on the African continent, providing educational support to African creators and helping music fans become part of some of the most iconic musical moments. We are thrilled to partner with you to go live on YouTube wherever you are in the world.”

As the whole world prepares for the 8th edition of the All Africa Music Awards AFRIMA, which will take place from 12th to 15th January 2023, African music lovers should use the live voting portal to: We encourage you to keep voting focused for your desired winners. Visit and join the event on our social media platforms (IG/TikTok – @afrima.official, Facebook – Afrimawards, Twitter – @afrimaofficial, LinkedIn – AFRIMA). The voting process that determines the AFRIMA winner is audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), a world-renowned auditing firm.

As announced at the conference, the delegation is scheduled to arrive on 11 January 2023. The AFRIMA Ceremony will kick off in full on Thursday 12th January 2023 with a host country tour, school visits, gift giving (as part of AFRIMA’s corporate social responsibility) and an evening welcome soiree in Dakar. Scheduled. .

The four-day event will continue on Friday 13 January 2023 with the African Music Business Summit (AMBS) at the Grand Theater in Dakar. AMBS is Africa’s largest gathering of music industry creative professionals, hosting workshops and panel discussions on issues and opportunities in the African music industry.

The 8th AFRIMA will be held in full swing at the AFRIMA Music Village at the Grand Theatre. This is a free admission concert featuring live performances by some of the continent’s biggest music stars.

On Saturday 14th January 2023, the night before the awards ceremony, the event begins with a main rehearsal, media relations and a courtesy call to the President of Senegal. The venue also features live recording booths for musicians from all five of his regions on the continent and the diaspora to explore collaborative recordings. The day’s activities will culminate in a nominee-only party.

Finally, the 8th AFRIMA will conclude on Sunday 15 January 2023 at the 15,000-capacity Dakar Arena in Dakar, where the awards ceremony will be broadcast live to over 84 countries around the world by 104 TV stations.

In partnership with the African Union Commission, AFRIMA is the pinnacle of African music worldwide.

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