YouTube Music will let you create a custom radio

YouTube Music already tracks your current cues by familiarity, genre, mood, energy level, and more.[再生中]You can customize it directly from the screen, but more advanced features to create custom radios may be added soon.

While still in testing as part of a limited rollout, some YouTube Music users are currently seeing “Create Radio” in their main feed. It’s meant to “tune your music”, an experience similar to the initial YouTube Music setup process, where you’ll be presented with a grid of artists to choose from next. Multiple artists can be selected to influence the results.

After making your selection, YouTube Music will give you three “Select Song” options to choose from: Familiar, Blend, and Discover.

Similarly, “filters” include popular, deep cut, new release, pump up, chill, upbeat, downbeat and focus.

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Once complete, you’ll see a YouTube Music Radio playlist with the following description: Always updating. ‘ It’s named after every artist and band you’ve selected, which is a bit unwieldy.

Note that there is a normal button to add to library, but users who already have this feature will not actually be saved. However, the creation shows up in recent activity/history.

This adds a fairly advanced level of customization compared to what YouTube Music typically and algorithmically offers, so hopefully it will be available soon.

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