YouTube Music poll lets you vote on what feature you most want [U]

Team YouTube at Twitter conducted a poll this afternoon asking, “What are your most wanted features in ad-supported YouTube Music?”

Updated January 5, 2023: Background Play won the overwhelming majority in December, but the YouTube Music team is asking again on Reddit. The options — more relevant music recommendations, sleep timers, improved lyrics, and background playback for ad-supported listeners — remain unchanged.

We wanted to gather direct feedback from this community on key features they’d like to see in YouTube Music (so we can give feedback to the product team!).

original 12/15/twenty two: Feature options are: YouTube Music polls closed after 6 days for better recommendations, sleep timers, background playback, lyrics improvements, and more.

Starting with the latter, YouTube Music, teased in October, told customers to expect “more Lyric features in the future” after expanding its coverage through a partnership with MusixMatch. Google says it has “positively impacted lyric consumption rates since launch.” Compared to Spotify and Apple, the lyrics available on YouTube Music are static and not highlighted while the song is playing. This is the most obvious addition of services.

Background playback for free, ad-supported users, meanwhile, remains limited to Canada.

In July we discovered that YouTube Music for Android was working on a sleep timer. It hasn’t launched yet and additions have been long overdue. Finally, “better recommendations” feels like an evergreen request.

With nearly 400 votes as of Thursday afternoon, the current winner is Background Play, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. You can also tweet other features.

In late October, YouTube like vote For TV and console clients. The winner was the ability to post + view comments. In a separate post, YouTube said it will take this community’s feedback into account when prioritizing development.

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