Your New Year’s Eve music is sorted with these Spotify playlists

A playlist to match your New Year’s Eve mood

Music is an integral part of our lives, and we usually associate certain tracks with moods, memories, and stages of life. YouTube’s 2022 Recap and Spotify Wrapped helped us with all the tracks that stole our hearts in 2022. Now, Spotify is gearing up for his 2023, with a New Year’s hub featuring a slew of evergreens and pop hits to ring in the new year.


This is the first time Spotify has announced a hub for the new year. Must-See He has one main playlist called New Year’s Eve 2023. Plus, ready-to-use themed playlists, Party Hits, Afro Party Anthems, Throwback Party, and more. This hub also caters to people on the other end of the spectrum. That means you’re planning to sit back and relax when the next year begins, and playlists like Chill Hits, Comfort Zone, and Chillout Lounge are some of the best ones to enjoy.

If you feel like giving it a try, check out the Takeover Experience section featuring legendary artists like Celine Dion and modern pop sensations Rita Ora and Charli XCX. Spotify’s New Year’s hub brings the world’s best DJs to the party with mixes from Tiësto, AMEMÉ, Hardwell, Carlita and more. All of these playlists can be accessed from Spotify’s dedicated New Year’s Hub webpage. Alternatively, you can search for New Years in the app and pick a playlist.

Since this is a shot in the dark for the streaming service, Spotify has figured out what music people typically play on New Year’s Eve based on December 2021 stats. The new playlist is curated based on data from 82,000 of his NYE ​​playlists people created between last Christmas and his January 31st. ABBA’s Happy New Year saw her 2,000% increase in views last year. We witnessed the biggest increase in listeners.

If you’re planning a party or curating a Spotify playlist for your NYE bash, we recommend checking out our New Year’s hub first. This is because, especially for Pops, you might find a pre-curated playlist that fits your requirements perfectly. Music connoisseur. Make sure you purchase the appropriate Spotify Premium subscription. This ensures that the ad never plays spoilers in the celebration.

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