You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi didn’t think Blink-182 with Matt Skiba worked

You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi never thought Blink-182 and Matt Skiba were the same band.

The “Stay With Me” rocker spoke about the resurgence of emo music and how it finally has “a little more purpose.” New music in the same vein as the material they started making.

he said: I’ve seen Blink and Matt Skiba. It’s not blink-182. period. It doesn’t matter how you dress up. I’m not saying he’s not a great guitarist or singer-songwriter, but it’s not Blink-182 that I fell in love with. Or the return of My Chemical Romance or the return of Paramore from hiatus is a way to make people feel a little less directionless and a little more purposeful.

He continues: If so, they are doing a really bad job. “

You Me At Six return to their roots with their latest LP ‘Truth Decay’, which Josh calls ‘Homecoming’.

He told don’t know if we have all been honest with ourselves, but the last two [2021’s ‘Suckapunch’ and 2018’s ‘VI’] I have felt so. I think that’s why we make You Me At Six, You Me At Six. Not only are all five of us literally writing and performing songs together, but we’re all in the same headspace, so things move very quickly.

“It’s like the homecoming of You Me at Six, and it’s been really great.”

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