You Can Legally Steal Music In Belarus Now

The Republic of Belarus has effectively legalized piracy with a new law announced by the authorities this month. The law aims to combat what the Kremlin-backed Eastern European country calls its response to “unfriendly countries.” The news was first reported by billboard and Gizmodo.

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dictator of belarus Alexander Lukashenko—a Putin An ally that allowed the Russian leader to conduct an attack on Ukraine from Belarusian territory, a law effectively allowing digital piracy within Belarus without official consent from legitimate rights holders have signed.

This law effectively leaves the door wide open for copyright infringement in almost any media, including music, movies, and e-books. But what makes matters worse is that the law does not formally list countries it deems “unfriendly.” At this point, though, it’s probably safe to assume that intellectual property across the United States and Western Europe is now ripe for picking.

Belarus has been badly caught in the first barrage of financial sanctions imposed on Russia and its allies over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the new law is said to be in response to moves by the United States and its allies. , in the true fashion of a corrupt government, the Belarusian authorities ensured loopholes in the law allowed the autocratic state to thrive economically. Anyone who uses unauthorized content will have to pay taxes to Belarus after 3 years. .

According to TorrentFreak, the law states that “after three years, remuneration not claimed by rightholders or organizations for collective management of property rights shall be transferred by the Patent Authority to the Republican budget within three months.”

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Of course, rights holders can request whatever they want. The question is, when even the most basic global IP standards are so blatantly violated, will the Belarusian authorities actually hear the allegations?

Two words: doubt it.

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