Written in the Stars: When music and astrology align

Maisie Peters, singer of the popular songs “Villain” and “Blonde,” has her Moon placed in Pisces, which is reflected in the sentimentality of her art.

Never be surprised to learn the natal chart of someone you know very well. I’ll briefly, and possibly have problems, group them into categories. My Party Animal friends have Sagittarius Rising and my ambitious and driven friends have Aries Moon. will be placed. This is because it is a complementary sign of the Scorpio Sun and coincides with the Taurus Moon.

So finding the astrological placement of my favorite music artists is no exception. Music is the ultimate gateway to parasocial relationships. I’ve never had a conversation with Taylor Swift, but I know (perhaps too much) about her deepest anxieties, family relationships, and romantic woes from her discography alone. 12 including ), Swifties has a pretty good grasp of many aspects of her life.

So when I dug deep into Swift’s charts and Spotify’s other top artist charts for 2022, I wasn’t entirely surprised by what I found.

Taylor Swift

Swift’s astrology could be written a column on its own, but “Run” in 2021’s “Red (Taylor’s Version)” perfectly encapsulates her Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius is known for her spontaneity and desire to travel as a means of escaping the current situation. Trying to follow us / Go where no one is / Run away,” sings Swift and featured artist Ed Sheeran.

Swift’s Scorpio rising allowed her to perfectly bring out the edgy and rebellious energy of the Reputation Age. Your Rising Sign is often people’s first impression of you It features an intimidating and mysterious scorpion, and of course people think she was wrong during the Kimie debacle.

After reading her chart, the placement that made the most sense to me was Mercury in her Capricorn.As an earth sign, Capricorn is methodical, grounded, and hardworking. This placement is reflected in the lyrics she dubs “Fountain Pen”. On her 2020 release “evermore,” like her album title her track, the bridge that feels like prose comes to mind. /I had a very unique feeling/this pain/will last forever. ”

Noah Khan

Writing an entire album about your hometown is very typical of an Earth sign. Released in October 2022, Kahan’s junior album Stick Season pays homage to his birthplace in Strafford, Vermont. I’m here. With Earth heavily placed in Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Mercury, and Virgo Mars, exploring the resentment of having these feelings captures the grounding and stability of the elements. In his song “Homesick”, he turns common terminology upside down by explaining that instead of being sick, he’s home sick. In “Growing Sideways” he explains that he succumbs to depression and simply goes about his daily routine. “But I ignore things and move on to the side/Until I forget what I felt in the beginning/At the end of the day, to stay alive.” I know there’s a worse way to do it,” he sings.

One of the oddities of learning astrology after knowing an artist’s music is that you can understand emotion-based placement better than others. When meeting a person in person, their Rising sign is immediately apparent, but it may take longer to understand their Moon sign. I didn’t know he had Aries from the content of his music, although it was very clear. But seeing him live, Kahan’s rise comes through in his unexpected and fiery persona.

Maisie Peters

With all of her Gemini placements, it makes sense that Peters is the unhinged queen. Gather your friend’s army and get back at him by dressing exactly like her. Gemini total action.

After dyeing her hair from brown to platinum blonde, she released a song about it. “It’s kind of like your worst nightmare, but double / Is that an angel? No, it’s your ex / Remember how you failed when I was a brunette? / You don’t think you knew what you did/Wow, ruin your life as a blonde,” Peters sings. It’s a trademark.

However, her Moon in Pisces shows her creative and sentimental side. On her one of her first singles, “Best I’ll Ever Sing,” she compares her past relationships to her songwriting portfolio. I wrote as your other / The best I’ve ever sung. not afraid of

Lizzie McAlpine

McAlpine’s ability to describe her daydreams in great detail convinces the listener of their reality, a Mercury-in-Libra quality. in the song “Ceiling”, she describes a beautifully simple romance with lines such as “It’s lovely sitting here with you” and “I feel like the beginning of a movie.” i’ve seen it before. ‘ Then, at the track’s climax, she raps listeners, ‘But it’s not real/And you don’t exist/And I can’t remember when was the last time I was kissed. Libra Mercury in particular is very good at recognizing and communicating all aspects of a situation. This is something McAlpine does effortlessly in many of her songs.

“Means Something” from her debut album, Give Me a Minute, combines McAlpine’s daydreaming tendencies with the observant Moon in Aquarius. Throughout the song she mentions various “signs” she thinks she and the person she’s singing to should be together. , or (appropriately) their zodiac sign being Leo means they are destined to be together.

Jenna Peterson is a junior writer who writes on all things astrology related. She is also the editor-in-chief of The Daily She Trojan.

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