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Bengaluru: You’re not the only one whose social media feeds are flooded with Spotify-wrapped updates. Between proud listeners and humble musicians, sharing Spotify stats seems to be an important part of pop culture. There is something particularly interesting about Zillow in that it has evolved into memes and parodies.

Aside from reaffirming Taylor Swift’s global dominance, it’s also interesting to see how Spotify has been able to bring individual music streaming back to a community experience. , is the result of that data collection. It tracks which artists she listens to, which songs she skips, which genres follow her at what time of day, and uses this information to predict what else she likes. , it has succeeded in gaining more than 450 million subscribers.

How this music streaming service took the data it was already collecting and turned it into insights worth sharing with the world is truly a masterclass in customer engagement. Presented as a data story, Spotify gives you some stats about your listening habits.

Different genres listened to (along with top genres), time listened to (and compared to other subscribers), most played songs, number of songs listened to, top 5 songs, top artists, and totals number of artists listened to. We then took this data and created three unique and shareable insights. Listening Personality (one of 16), Audio Day (how her listening patterns change over the course of her day), and a personal Top 100 playlist.

Young listeners all share their playlists, listener personalities, and whether they were top listeners of certain artists. It’s also a good time for kids to claim their own girlfriend’s Spotify account, as family listening can skew the results. This global engagement effort will help strengthen her brand of Spotify as a streaming service for younger audiences.

For creators, the data includes the number of times a song is streamed, the number of listeners in different countries, and the number of listeners for top artists. It also indicates whether your number has increased from the previous year. This includes a new feature for Artist Her Messages that allows artists to engage with listeners and thank them for listening. By making itself part of the experience in the relationship between artist and listener, Spotify ensures that it is more than just a streaming service.

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