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Alyssa Stamp is a middle/high school student in Williamstown and a member of the Williamstown Marching Band and Jazz Band. (photo courtesy)

Williamstown — 17-year-old Alyssa Stamp “Dead Set” About learning Korean.

“Language is so cool” she said. “And there are many ways to communicate with someone else.”

After graduation, Stumps planned to go to Davis and Elkins, where she was awarded two scholarships. She said she received a $16,000 scholarship for her good grades. She was also selected for the West Virginia Citizens Bank Emerging Leaders Scholarship. This gives Stump a total spread of $40,000 over her four years. Stumps had to submit an essay explaining how to prepay the scholarship to West Virginia.

Stamp majors in communication and is interested in learning foreign languages, especially Korean. This was the only university she looked into that offered Korean. She wanted to pursue the language as soon as she started writing.

“As soon as I started writing, the way I wrote it put me in a trance.” she said.

Alayna Garst (left) and Alyssa Stump pose for a photo before leaving for a soccer match. (photo courtesy)

Stump said he wasn’t sure what to do after college, but his father gave him the idea of ​​becoming a news reporter in a foreign country. She has also become known as a polyglot who knows and can use more than four languages, at least because she plans to learn two other languages.

Stamp has a real passion for playing music. She started playing the piano at the age of 10 and one day he asked his parents if he wanted to try playing the piano. One of her neighbors who gave her lessons taught her how to play and she continues to do so to this day.

“There are so many keys and generally so much you can actually do, I like how hard it actually gets.” she said.

After trying out the color guard for a year, Stamp decided she wanted to join the marching band. When she asked her friends what her easiest instrument to learn was the trumpet, which she had only three buttons, she replied. Stump said it was difficult to learn, but wouldn’t change instruments if given the chance. This year, Stamp was named co-section leader alongside Truit Robinson in the trumpet section.

“I like how you easily get along with everyone and how you specifically strive to be better with specific goals in mind.” she said.

Alyssa Stamp attends the West Virginia Oil and Gas Festival at Sistersville Park with the Williamstown Marching Band. From left, Makaira Davidson, Ellie Hanlon, Adam Tucker, Carson Rose, Alyssa Stamp, Truit Robinson, Jacob Lundasky, Rylan Gedan. (photo courtesy)

Stump is a student with a 3.9 GPA. His favorite subject is music, but he also likes math. She has taken college courses such as College English and Political Science to help her prepare for college and to challenge herself.

Stump is a member of the Williamstown jazz band, the National Honor Society, and the Environmental Club. Jazz Band is an after-school program that gives students the opportunity to learn jazz music.

“It’s fun to learn new types of music.” she said. “Just to learn how to get into the rhythm of everything.”

Environmental clubs discuss the impact their members have on the environment.

In his spare time, he volunteers through bands and the NHS. After the 4th of July fireworks, she helped the band clean up the aftermath. She also volunteered for Marietta’s Salvation Army sorting her Christmas presents.

Alyssa Stamp and other Williamstown band members pose for a photo at the West Virginia Marching Band Invitational in Charleston. From left, Ellie Hanlon, Carson Rose, Alyssa Stamp, Adam Tucker, Makaira Davidson, and Ryan Geddon. (photo courtesy)

“It was really nice to be able to help those people.” she said. “It makes me feel complete.”

Stump also enjoys reading, practicing musical instruments, making crafts, and painting.

Alyssa Stump auditioned for the West Virginia Allstate Band with her bandmates in Charleston. From left, Carson Rose, Adam Tucker, Alyssa Stamp, and Truit Robinson. (photo courtesy)

Alyssa Stamp poses for a photo before a football game in Williamstown. (photo courtesy)

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