Why Mohamed Ramadan’s music videos are so successful

The annual Mohammed Ramadan has released a music video to celebrate the New Year.

truck, 3 ara wad 3 nais another glamorous proposition from the Egyptian star, which will be released on January 1st, singing, rapping and dancing in a gilded palatial setting and sweaty nightclubs.

Like most of his videos, 3 ara wad 3 naof It’s silly and comical, but it’s hard to look away.

It also showcases Ramadan panash for creating easily digestible songs and videos that can go viral on both standard video streaming platforms and social media apps like TikTok.

The popularity of his music videos is boosted by the fact that he seems to be enjoying Ramadan all the time.

Here are 10 of Ramadan’s most eye-catching music videos, from the newest to the oldest.

1. Boss (2022)

Ramadan kept this one residential and filmed at home, but it’s certainly as gorgeous as his other.

He shows off the booty of his success: the fancy cars he has in his garage and pool.

Combined with the image of him toasting a happy life on a yacht, boss The least visually conceptual of the lot.

Nonetheless, it shows the Ramadan charisma of looking cool walking around in goggles.

2. Tantito (2022)

Ramadan is in the casino with this trademark heavy-duty track.

Wearing a red suit and hat and wielding a small shotgun, he’s a gangster who just wants to have a good time.

The song’s title means “jump” in colloquial Egyptian-Arabic, so Ramadan and other revelers quickly turn illegal gambling dens into nightclubs complete with dancers and big disco balls.

It’s all sorts of nonsensical, but a lot of fun.

3. Ballaleen (2022)

Some people are just full of enthusiasm.

It’s an energetic and stylish concept. ballaleenmeans balloons.

In this video, a collaboration with Egyptian rapper Shendi, the two artists make fun of people whose words don’t match their height, and bang balloons on them.

Ramadan shows who’s boss in scenes where he strolls the red carpet dressed in white and leads a mass dance in the square.

4. Paris Dubai (2022)

This is one of the biggest Ramadan videos in terms of production.

Filmed in Dubai and featuring Algerian star rapper Suking, this catchy collaboration aims to attract both the artist Mena and his French-speaking fan base.

Capturing the neon blue waves of the Meydan Bridge as well as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai skylines, the two artists will appear in clubs and city streets, rapping and singing about their global appeal.

“My ancestors united two nations. The furnishings of my house are monuments, with castles on either side,” Ramadan raps.

Thule King delivers a triumphant chorus and enthusiastically proclaims:

5. Allah (2021)

In this Harieji-inspired video, Ramadan ditches his club for a desert drive and tent dinner.

A song about putting your trust in higher beings, Ramadan traverses the open desert in a four-wheel drive vehicle and enjoys company.

6. Fixed (2021)

One of Ramadan’s best tracks, it is often the first song he performs live. Tabat It’s as easy as hypnosis.

Set in a graffiti-scribbled street, the song features simple, catchy choreography that’s perfectly synchronized with the penetrating riff, keeping viewers glued to the action.

7. Versace Baby (2021)

Filmed at the Palazzo Versace Dubai, the opening scene shows Ramadan lying in bed with lots of money scattered around him.

At other times he’s been accompanied by exotic animals such as tigers and snakes. “Work out until it hurts. Then party. Never mind. Repeat the same thing every day.”

Ramadan can also be seen on Dubai roads alongside a convoy of supercars against the background of landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and the Museum of the Future.

The project may look like a major plugin for an Italian luxury fashion brand, but according to the message at the beginning of the clip, all proceeds from the video will be donated to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

8. Coronavirus (2020)

This is definitely the best Ramadan video. A catchy ode to the pandemic, coronavirus It’s as much a public safety message as it is a showcase for the popular Egyptian mafraganath genre.

Directed by Mohamed Sami, the video begins with Ramadan awakening to the sound of news reports in English detailing the health measures governments are taking after the virus spreads around the world.

An electro-synth riff kicks in and Ramadan leaps out of bed, sporting his golden glasses and matching face mask.

Ramadan teaches his son how to disinfect his room and how to maintain social distancing when meeting a few relatives. After pulling the sword from his wand, push him back.

9. Mafia (2019)

Tracks and videos confirming Ramadan’s full-scale foray into music are no joke.

Set in the 1930s, the gangster-themed video is as ambitious as it is entertaining.

During Ramadan, a group of well-dressed, gun-wielding criminals break into a cleverly choreographed dance.

The lavishly shot and designed pricey production earned over 242 million streams and was rewarded as the most viewed video of Ramadan on YouTube.

10. Number One (2018)

One of Ramadan’s earliest videos, the belligerent track featuring his most intense rapping has a chorus named after his “Number 1” nickname.

While not elaborate or bizarre, the video established some of Ramadan’s signature visual aesthetics, including flashy sets, moody lighting, and cinematic cinematography.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023, 7:45 AM

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