Why Doesn’t RHCP’s Anthony Kiedis Use Twitter? Flea Offers Wonderfully Sarcastic Answer

Despite Elon Musk’s controversial involvement, Twitter remains extremely popular and is used by countless celebrities, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers. fleas, John Frusciante and Chad Smith – Profile maintenance. But frontman Anthony Kiedis didn’t, and when asked by his fans why, the famous bassist had a delightfully sarcastic yet incisive response.

Yesterday (February 17th), an RHCP fan tweeted a quick question to Flea.[W]Isn’t Anthony on Twitter? ” Considering the fact that the rest of the band are on the platform and the fact that Kiedis is very active on his Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, this is a fair inquiry.

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So what was Free’s answer? Simply: “[C]because he is smart ”

Not surprisingly, the tweet received thousands of retweets, likes and comments within hours of being posted. For example, someone confessed: The days when I am away from my phone and sitting on my butt in the sun are the days when I feel most at peace and connected to everything. It’s pure therapy. ”

They certainly have a point. Elsewhere, one fan responded: AK has the right idea (laughs),” while another user admitted her affectionately.

To be fair, Anthony Kiedis’ Twitter Profileincluding those claiming to be authentic (and those devoted to Anthony Kiedis news). none Tweeting for at least four of those years, it’s clear and remarkable that Kiedis isn’t on the site.

so do you Wouldn’t it be nice if the famous vocalist was as active on Twitter as his bandmates were? Let us know!

In another RHCP news, Smith recently joined a pub band covering AC/DC songs for less than 20 people. Also, some fans vowed never to see the quartet again after finding the show in Sydney on February 2 dull.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the Red Hot Chili Peppers during their current tour whenever possible. You can check the rest of the tour dates here and buy tickets here.

You can also check out Flea’s tweet below.

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