Who is Milo Silvestro, Fear Factory’s New Vocalist?

Who is Milo Silvestro, the new lead vocalist of industrial metal powerhouse Fear Factory?

On Tuesday (February 21), Fear Factory guitarist and bandleader Dino Cazares finally announced Silvestro as the band’s new singer after an absence of nearly three years. Cazares has been hinting at its disclosure for the past two years.

After an exhaustive audition process involving 300 different vocalists, Silvestro got the gig after Cazares found a video of his singer performing a cover of a Fear Factory song.Named Dead Channel. Italian musician Silvestro, who plays electronic metal at , comes from a musical family and began his creative journey with drums.

“Both of my parents are professional musicians,” Silvestro said in announcing the video revealing his involvement this week. “My mom is a vocal coach. My dad is a professional blues guitarist and songwriter.” I’m a writer.

The vocalist adds that he “began playing drums and percussion” when he was 12. “That was my main passion… Rhythm and groove.” But with metal, Silvestro, he explains, found a way to “free certain things out of my system.” “Start with the lyrics and start learning how to scream, how to do metal vocals.”

How Fear Factory found a new singer

In the clip, Silvestro admits that he has landed his dream job as a vocalist for Fear Factory.And he got it to go through the type of Cinderella Story — an established band pulls a new singer out of relative obscurity — usually reserved for movies. remember 2001 rock star?

“I did a vocal cover. [Fear Factory] new machine soul A medley, like a song on that album,” recalls Silvestro. “I decided to post it…just for some people to see. And luckily Dino was on the page and he complimented me. He was like, “Oh, this is great, dude.”

factory of terror

Fear Factory 2023 (Stephanie Cabral)

Cazares adds: And it was very impressive. … I’ve been following him for the last few years because I saw some of the videos he posted on the Fear Factory fan page, the New Breed page [on Facebook]”

Cazares also points to the 2013 Fear Factory cover video made by Silvestro.

Original Fear Factory singer Burton C. Bell left the band in 2020. The following year, Cazares said he found a new vocalist. However, he postponed revealing them.

Silvestro was the right musician for the job

“We definitely found the right person,” says Cazares. “For Fear Factory, this is an important week of final preparations for our return to the live stage for our Rise of the Machine tour beginning in February. [with Static-X]I can’t wait to go on tour and start kicking ass. ”

“This is a big opportunity for me,” adds Silvestro. “I’ve been a fan of the band for many years and it feels very surreal but I’m excited to be part of the band. We are here to do it in the best possible way and to do justice to this legendary band’s vocal legacy.”

Fear Factory continues their continuum

Fear Factory was formed in 1989. Dismantling (1995) and Digimortal (2001). They have endured interruptions and legal entanglements. The only original member is Casares. The band currently includes drummer Mike Heller (Malignancy) and bassist Tony Campos (Static-X, ex-Soulfly).

factory of terror

Fear Factory 2021 (Stephanie Cabral)

Aggression Continuum, Fear Factory’s latest studio LP out in 2021. The album features Bell’s vocals. (Remix work, recode, followed by 2022). In a statement in September 2020, Bell announced to fans “my departure from Fear Factory to focus all my energy” on other projects such as the gothic rock outfit Ascension of the Watchers. said.

See Fear Factory’s upcoming docket for 2023 tour dates with Static-X here. Fear Factory concert tickets are available here.

Fear Factory Announcement – ​​February 21, 2023

Milo Silvestro “Dielectric” (Fear Factory cover)

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