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for the past three years, billboardThe Latin editors of . Not all of them come to fruition, and some do, but the plausible pairings are based on artist similarities, sonic evolution, and/or past collaborations.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

The diverse (and ambitious) list of collaborations we want to see happen this year, 2023, includes the team of power couple Christian Nodal and Kazoo. This dreamy collaboration imagines them leaving the rancheras and the city and dropping romantic rock songs instead.

Our wish list also includes Shakira and Feid. Because it would be ideal for Shak to join forces with her one of Colombia’s “it” guys. Not only are their vocals an interesting blend, but one could picture this track as a bona fide reggaeton jam about finding empowerment and strength after a broken heart.

The long-awaited collaboration, which fans have been waiting for patiently, is with the Dominican artist Bacatellos Romeo Santos and Prince Royce. Neither has hinted at a collaboration, but it’s not unlikely. Both have supported each other’s careers. He wowed the audience with his unusual performance.Royce played the Drake part of the track.

The possibilities are endless, but for now, we’ll stick with the 9 Dream Latin collaborations of 2023. Vote below for your dream Latin collaboration to make it happen this year. Or, if you can think of another potential combination, please add your own answer.

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