WhatsApp’s killer feature, Amazon Music price hike

It’s been a relatively quiet week, technically, as everyone holds their breath and waits for Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpack event.

A livestream on February 1 is expected to signal the launch of the flagship Galaxy S23. The web is flooded with rumors of

That doesn’t mean there was no news this week, though. As usual, we’ve rounded up the best and worst headlines we’ve come across in tech this week.

Winner: WhatsApp

This week’s winner is WhatsApp, which revealed that it’s testing a nifty new photo-sharing option in its Android app.

The new setting is an upgrade to WhatsApp’s image messaging feature, allowing photos to be transferred through the app in their original, full quality. This means you don’t have to compress your images when sharing them with friends and family.

WABetaInfo has discovered that the latest beta version of the WhatsApp Android app has an “original” photo quality option.

Until now, users have been forced to stick to the best, automatic, and data saver options when transferring images. None of these options allowed me to send the file as-is.

This update is a game-changer for users who want to use the app to transfer anything from professional product images to holiday snaps and cat photos, offering a more convenient all-in-one alternative to cloud storage services like Google Drive. To do. Or dropbox.

Of course, WhatsApp is not the first messaging service to allow users to transfer images in perfect quality. The option to send media in its original size has been available on Viber for some time. Telegram also offers users the option to send images uncompressed.

However, this doesn’t change the fact that WhatsApp is one of the UK’s most popular messaging apps. could be much more convenient. That is, if it goes beyond the beta stage.

Amazon Music Unlimited homepage

Loser: Amazon

At this point, winners and losers are experiencing unfortunate price increases, and it looks like another price increase is on the way as January draws to a close.

Now it’s Amazon’s turn. The retail giant has increased the price of its Music Unlimited plans in both the US and UK.

Starting next month, Amazon Music Unlimited prices will increase from $9.99/£8.99 to $10.99/£9.99 per month for individuals and from $4.99/£3.99 to $5.99/£4.99 per month for students.

This may only be a dollar and a pound difference, but it does a great job of bridging the gap between Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music. England.

Similarly, Spotify is now a more affordable option for students in the US and just £1 off both Amazon Music Unlimited plans in the UK.

Of course, if you’re a Prime subscriber, you’ll save an extra $1/£1 on top of Amazon’s updated prices, but the price increase makes many Amazon Music users question their loyalty to Amazon Music. I wouldn’t be surprised if it does. There is very little difference between Spotify and Apple Music, especially if you are a Prime member.

For those who prefer Amazon’s competitor’s UI, music selection, or podcast roster, this could be an easy reason to ditch Unlimited.

Not only that, but the cost of living crisis will undoubtedly cause many households to reconsider streaming subscriptions in early 2023. A visible decline corresponding to this price increase.

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