What To Do if Apple Music is Not Available in Your Region

There is no doubt that Apple Music is now a great streaming service. Apple has organized and made available a vast collection of music catalogs. But no matter how good they are, many Apple Music subscribers still get the error message “Apple Music is not available in your region” or “This song is not currently available in your region”. . However, it is nice to know that there are solutions to this problem and we are providing them.

‘Apple Music is not available in your region’ error message

One problem that always plagues Apple Music subscribers is getting the error message “Apple Music is not currently available in your region.” To resolve this issue, follow the two solutions below.

Check if Apple Music is available in your country/region

If this error message appears the first time you try to use Apple Music or subscribe to the service, the most obvious question is whether your country or region is actually covered by Apple Music. It is to check whether However, we cover 167 countries, so if you get an error message, you may be living in a very remote country or region. Still, it doesn’t hurt to check it out. A complete list of countries and regions supported by Apple Music can be found on Apple’s support page.

Access the Apple Music service with a VPN

If your country or region isn’t yet covered by Apple Music, you may still be able to access Apple Music. We recommend using a good and reliable VPN. There are many VPN services available online. Most of them work cloaking the region you are in. One of these services is his PrivadoVPN, which has servers in 59 cities in 46 countries. These servers allow you to surf anonymously, privately and securely from different parts of the world.

Apple Music Error ‘This song is not available in your country’

What if I see the error message ‘This song is not currently available in your country’ even though you’re in an Apple Music country and are a subscriber? Are you sure? As I mentioned earlier, this has happened to quite a few subscribers when using streaming services.

If you encounter this issue, see below for troubleshooting tips you can do to resolve this issue. Some of these steps may also help resolve the Apple Music is not available in your country error message.

Disable VPN

This step is only recommended if you’re using the VPN for other purposes, but not to access Apple Music as mentioned above.To disable the VPN on your iPhone or iPad, Settings > Toggle VPN button. On your Mac, go to: System Settings > Network > Select VPN > DisconnectAfter disabling the VPN, check the country license of the song.

Update Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

You know a drill, right? Follow the steps below to update Apple Music on your device.

For iPhone and iPad, Settings > General > Software Update.

For Mac, Apple Logo > App Store Updates Check if there is an update for the Apple Music app.

Reset Apple Music system alerts

This solution was suggested by some users who ran into the problem, but didn’t provide any instructions on how to fix it. This can be helpful if Apple Music tells you that the song isn’t available in your country.

Duration: 1 minute.

  1. Open Apple Music on your Mac.
  2. Then on the menu bar[ミュージック]Click[設定]>[詳細設定]Click.

  3. [警告のリセット]>[OK]Click.

Disable VPN on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

You’ll get an error message because some songs may not be available in the country your VPN is currently routing to. To fix this issue, disable the VPN on your iPhone/iPad or Mac, then switch the location to your current country.

  1. To disable VPN on your iPhone or iPad, go to: Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.
  2. switch off VPN.
  • To disable VPN on Mac, go to: System Settings > Network > VPN > Disconnected

Resync your Apple Music library

Syncing Apple Music with Apple devices can suffer from bugs and system errors that can cause you to lose access to certain songs. If so, try resyncing your Apple Music library.

  1. To do this, simply Settings > Music.
  2. switch off sync library.
  3. Then toggle the sync library back on. Wait a few minutes for the sync to complete.

Enable automatic download of purchases

Enabling automatic downloads of your purchases may also help resolve any issues you’re having. To perform this step, on your iPhone go to: Settings > Music and toggle on automatic download.

Sign out of your Apple Music account

One simple step that might work is to sign out of your Apple Music account and sign back in. This method may give you access to a specific song that previously gave you an error prompt.

Change Apple Music country/region

As a last resort for dealing with certain songs not available in your country/region errors, try creating a new Apple Music account in a different country/region. But before you do that, check your Apple ID account balance, use whatever is left, cancel your subscription, and make sure the payment method you use is accepted in the country/region you’re changing to. Please give me. To.

Follow the steps below to create a new Apple ID in another region.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, Settings > Your Name.
  2. Tap Media & Purchases > View Account.
  3. select Country/Region > Change Country/Region.
  4. agree to terms and conditionsTap. consent Also.
  5. Select a payment option.

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