What Shakira said about Piqué dis track, Clara Chía Martí

Messing with her wolves will give you claws.

Colombian pop star Shakira brutally ruined her ex-partner and former soccer player Gerard Piqué after dropping a scathing new diss track, “Bzrp Music Sessions #53.” to make it.

In her post, Shakira called the song “catharsis” and “relief,” adding that she “had no idea” that the song, recorded in Spanish at age 45, would debut at No. 1 worldwide.

In a caption that Instagram translated from Spanish to English, the Grammy winner wrote, “I want to hug the millions of women who stand up to women who make us feel insignificant.

“A woman who stands up for what she feels and thinks, raises her hand when she disagrees, and frowns on others.”

Released Wednesday, Shakira’s collaboration with Argentinian DJ-producer Bizarrap pulls no punches while repeatedly roasting Piqué. The ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ hitmaker and former Spanish footballer have been dating for more than 11 years and share two children, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.

The vengeful song is also directed at Clara Chia Marti, who revealed that Piqué, 23, was dating Shakira after she broke up with him in June. While some accuse her of showing “internalized misogyny” by doing so, the singer-songwriter claims the woman was her “inspiration” for recording the song.

“This accomplishment is not mine, but it is for all of us,” she said Friday, exclaiming to successful women who support their children, parents, and others who depend on them. I called.

According to NME, Piquet recently started a partnership with watch brand Casio in an attempt to bring back the ex-Casio’s farewell anthem.

According to a new report in the Daily Mail, Shakira immediately trolled Pique by placing a giant witch doll on the balcony facing her mother’s house and blasting the song through the speakers. sing like [my] Mother-in-law… I thought you hurt me, but you made me stronger.”)

After “Bzrp Music Sessions #53” became the world’s most-played song on Spotify, Shakira said, “Thank you to my amazing team and the group of warrior girls walking next to me.” I wrote.

“And to all the women who teach me how to make sweet lemonade when life gives you sour lemons.

Times staff writer Suzy Exposito contributed to this report.

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