What Are Code Orange Up To With Their Mysteriously Spooky New Tease?

Who’s ready to go down the rabbit hole with Code Orange? The band is definitely up to something to drop a cryptic teaser that revives their ‘Mud TV’ premise. .

In it, masked reporters echo old MTV news breaks, but do so in disguised, deep voices. The reporter revealed that they had discovered a mysterious new phone call and a video with a message that people were imperative to call or text “The game starts in two days.”

“We strongly encourage all viewers to stay safe and follow these instructions,” added the Mud TV reporter. The phone number in question is (412) 207-3994.

What happens when you call that number? Sending a text message returns a message like this: welcome home. Sign up now and don’t look back,” and you’ll be presented with a list of communities to enter your data to join.

But where things get really weird is what happens when you call. At first, it tells me to text her message to the given number, but after a short time I get a “voice found” message. I hear distant voices and other distant noises. Then a voice whispers, “Did you hear me?” Another voice replied, “I don’t think anyone is listening to us.” A loud collision, as if something huge had fallen, followed by Morse code-style beeps, more background he noises, and finally the call hangs up. One fan posted his experience, as you can see below.

What happens when I call a code orange phone number?

So what does that mean? Other acts use this type of promotion to build anticipation for new songs, new albums, and even music videos. It’s been three years since the band’s last release. It could be a tour announcement, or taking word of the teaser verbatim, perhaps the band is tied to the concept of a game scheduled for February 15th.

Try it out for yourself, find out what’s going on before anyone else, and find out the answers on February 15th.

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