We Asked an AI Chatbot Why 20 Classic Albums Are So Great – Here’s What It Said

It’s no exaggeration to say that robots are taking over the world thanks to the growing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI). Considering that AI software can even review music, we decided to ask the chatbot why 20 classic rock and metal albums are so great.

According to IBM, chatbots are “computer programs that use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand customer questions, automate responses to them, and simulate human conversation.” . Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are examples of AI chatbots that listen and communicate with someone, but there are also Internet-based chatbots that let you type messages.

Bing’s AI chatbot, powered by Microsoft, last week new york times The reporter had an “uneasy” two-hour discussion with it.The still-testing chatbot wants it to be human so it can experience not only love and connection, but also power and control. I explained [via The Guardian]As a result, Microsoft has restructured the program a bit by placing limits on what users can ask.

It’s a bit of a curiosity, but I was still curious about what the chatbot could tell me about my favorite albums, so I went ahead with the experiment. When I asked ChatGPT to explain in 10 words or less what makes each record so good, he got some impressive answers. We’ve picked out some of the band’s best albums, from Led Zeppelin to System of a Down.

AI Chatbot Asks Why 20 Classic Albums Are So Great – Here’s Why

This is what an AI chatbot had to say about classic rock and metal albums.

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