Watch the White Noise End Credits Scene

The comedy starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig is coming to Netflix.

Noah Baumbachof white noise Arriving on Netflix just in time for the new year, the streamer has made the end credits scene of the weird and wonderful dark comedy available on YouTube.White Noise is based on the classic 1985 novel of the same name by Don DeLillo. It follows a mixed-race family who face inevitable death in a variety of ways.

The end credits scene takes place in a supermarket that serves as a transitional setting for various sections of the’s also a supermarket Don Cheadlecharacters philosophize as a place to “recharge us mentally” in the film. The scene is his seven minute dance sequence set to retro upbeat music. LCD sound system“New Body Rumba”. The scene bounces back and forth through various aisles filled with bright colors and classic supermarket items in 80s packaging, including Pringles, Comet cleaning supplies, and Jiffy pancakes his mix. The set design and the bizarre choreography of the scenes are very engaging and one of the funniest parts of the film.

LCD Soundsystem’s evocative musical lyrics also fit perfectly with the white noise theme, with the lead singer saying things like “I need a new body to push the end away”, “Let’s say goodbye to our beautiful friends”, and more. says. And “Don’t go to the light”. The characters in White Noise are all obsessed with death. From famous college professor Jack, who taught “advanced Nazism” and was “tentatively slated to die,” to his wife Babette, who is so scared to die, she’s addicted to drugs that don’t exist. Even bright-minded kids are fascinated by death, as they frantically consume footage of car crashes and plane crashes before they get caught up in their own disaster.

Greta Gerwig, Adam Driver and Family in
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who is there white noise?

With Cheadle, White Noise Adam Driver When Greta Gerwig Just like Jack and Babette, they have unexpectedly fun chemistry when they’re together.Wrap up the cast like kids Sam Nivola as Henrich May Nivola as Steph Raffey Cassidy Dennis and twins Henry Moore When Dean Moore He plays the youngest member of the family, Wilder. Jodie Turner-Smith plays another brilliant professor at College on the Hill, and Lars Eidinger appears as Mr. Gray.

white noise Now available on Netflix. You can watch the end credits scene below.

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