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The music video for the 2023 youth theme song, “I Can Do All Things Through Christ,” was released on Sunday, January 1, on the church’s Strive to Be YouTube and Instagram accounts.

The youth theme for 2023 comes from Philippians 4:13.

Filmed entirely in the Dominican Republic and featuring an all-Dominican crew and actors, the video tells the story of two young men, a young woman who comes to a fork in a running trail and a young man who is injured during a baseball game. is following We receive strength from the Lord in our afflictions.

At the end of the video, a young man, a young woman, and other youths are shown building a pile of stones called cairn to point others in the right direction and following a path. It ends with them standing together in front of a scenic view of the water.

song message

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ” is the title song of the 2023 youth theme album released in October.

Jarrika Jamison, 21, from Smithfield, Utah, is the singer of the Youth 2023 theme song. For her, the song’s message is simple yet powerful. “Christ is always there,” she said.

“No matter what you feel like you can’t do, the Lord will always help you and be with you,” Jamison told the Church News. “And if you’re grieving, lonely, or really in need of someone, you always know that you can do all things through Christ. I am there to help you.”

A young woman comes to a fork while running a trail in a youth 2023 themed music video released on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Jamison said the opportunity to sing the song “came at a time in my life when I really needed it”. She remembers feeling the power of the chorus lyrics in her recording studio.

The words in verse 2 also touched her heart. She feels hungry and hears lies, but if she prays to heaven the wind will stop. ”

“Every time I sing that verse, you always know that you can cross that desert, that ocean of emotions and lies. Like, when you’ve got that hunger…and you hear all these lies, kneel down and pray, your Heavenly Father and your Savior will always be there to stop the wind You can know that

“This is a really powerful song that honestly represents who I am and what my testimony stands for. My Savior is there for me and I am with him.” I know that I can do everything.

Nick Day, the church’s youth music songwriter, wrote songs such as “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” on his 2023 album. Regarding the second verse, he says: I love incorporating Bible stories into my songs. ”

He continues: The theme is “I Can Do All Things Through Christ” and most of the songs are about Christ and our relationship with Him. I hope ”


A young man playing baseball in a youth-themed music video for 2023 released on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

Other thematic resources

The Youth Theme website includes links to audio files and scores for the new music, as well as downloadable PDFs of the theme artwork, banners, and posters. The website also has a link to StriveToBe, a youth Instagram account that publishes content on the subject throughout the year.

Parents and youth leaders are encouraged to teach principles on this subject throughout the year in their homes and churches. This topic can be used as the subject of a sacrament meeting talk given by the youth, and can focus on youth activities such as camps, youth meetings, and devotionals. This theme will be highlighted at the conference for the strength of youth around the world.

A global youth devotional on January 29 will introduce the theme of youth, with Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; Young Women general president Bonnie H. Cordon appears.

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