Watch Ozzy Osbourne’s Childlike Joy Playing PlayStation’s VR2 While He Puts Off Packing in New Ad

You’re never too old to enjoy PlayStation VR2 games. In fact, Ozzy Osbourne shows a childlike glee when he enters the PlayStation’s VR world. mountain horizon call.

A new ad promoting the February 22 launch of PlayStation’s VR2 game features both Ozzy and Sharon, with Sharon packing up her house to move to England and Ozzy packing up to play a new game system. insist on deferring

The ad inserts some fun Ozzy Butt references. First, Sharon, stuffed with a stuffed bat, greets the Prince of Darkness, explained by Ozzy: It’s very technical these days. But then, in the game, Ozzy says, “Bats?! Fucking bats!!!”

The ad ends with Ozzy yelling at an in-game Stormbird about threatening to bite him in the head, but an outraged Sharon says Stormbird has to wait behind the line, leaving him at her parents’ house. Ultimately, the entire house saves Ozzy, the TV, his game system, and his delightful self trying to complete the game’s goals. The reward is that it will be empty.

Aside from the ad, Osbourne commented when sharing the commercial spot on Twitter: It was a lot of fun. Their new he VR2 is really nice. As stated, his new PSVR2 arrives this Wednesday (February 22nd).

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in a commercial for the PlayStation VR2 game

Of course, this isn’t the only commercial work Osborne has been doing lately. In fact, he was part of his Workday’s recent Super Bowl commercial. Titled “Rockstar,” the ad was based on the idea that it had become too cliche after being picked up by the business world and many musicians trying to get it back. In the clip, Osbourne puts on a shirt and tie while becoming an office worker, Paul Stanley interrupts a staff meeting, and the host begins hurling “rock star” compliments. Billy Idol, Joan Jett and Gary Clark Jr. also starred in the ad.

Osborne recently took more time to work on advertising after announcing that his 2023 “No More Tours 2” trek with Judas Priest was often cancelled. Citing his continued recovery as a reason, he added, “I never imagined my touring days would end like this.”

“My singing voice is great. But after three surgeries, stem cell treatments, endless physical therapy sessions, and the recent breakthrough Cybernics (HAL) treatment, my body is still physically weak. From city to city.

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