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Little Big Town puts ‘wealth’ in perspective.

The Grammy-winning country quartet recently released a stunning music video for the heartfelt ballad “Rich Man” (Dec. 16). The band, consisting of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlappman, Philip Sweet, and Jimi Westbrook, fathered acclaimed actor and country singer Charles Esten with their inspiring visuals. I was invited to play the part.

“Rich Man” is from Little Big Town’s tenth studio album “Mr. Sun”. The 16-song tracklist includes fan favorites like “Hell Yeah,” “All Summer,” “Heaven Had A Dance Floor,” and “Last Day On Earth.” The standout single is unlike any other, Westbrook wrote the poignant lyrics, which he spent nearly a decade on.

“‘Rich Man’ holds a special place in my heart and I was blown away by the reaction the record got and how it played on tour,” said Westbrook. “I wanted to express my love for my family and my love for my father in this video. This song reminded me of my own father. I wanted to respect that.”

The cutting-edge music video opens with Esten admiring hand-painted drawings made by children on Father’s Day. Following an intimate scene, the clip jumps to a precious moment of his with his two children, showing how fast time flies. Counting his own blessings, Esten realizes that his money cannot buy happiness and that he has the whole world in the palm of his hand.

The timeless song touches on the importance of family, so it’s also a friendly nod to a hard-working father. . Westbrook as a little boy who grew up at his father’s funeral.

Intertwined with a captivating tale, Little Big Town plays soul-stirring tracks. Westbrook jumps on the first verse, showing off his buttery baritone vocals. It is not until the chorus that other members join effortlessly and create their own harmonies.

Westbrook said it was fun and enjoyable to work with the “Nashville” actor.

“Making this with Charles, the other actors, and of course Karen, Kimberly, and Phillip was a real loving undertaking,” he shared. It’s a story about how it grounds us, thrives, and gives us the space to be who we are meant to be.True wealth is the story of this song,” said Fairchild. added.

This tear-jerking video was produced and shot by Running Bear Films in Nashville, Tennessee.

The platinum-selling performer previously released a live version of “Three Whiskeys And The Truth,” recorded at Music City’s legendary Sound Emporium Studios. In May 2023, Little Big Town will hit a series of shows. For upcoming appearances and tickets, visit

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