Watch Jacoby Shaddix’s 18-Year-Old Son Jagger Crush It Onstage With Papa Roach

The band joined singer Jacoby Shaddix’s 18-year-old son Jagger on stage at Papa Roach’s show on February 22nd at Broadmoor World Arena in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The group has been on the Rockzilla tour since the beginning of February, co-headlining with Falling in Reverse and special guests Hollywood Undead and Escape the Fate, all set for March 5. is scheduled to end on

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In the fan-shot video below, Shaddix introduces the crowd and promotes “a little more of that old school shit.”

“I want to do something special and I want to bring my son Jaguar Monroe Shaddix to the stage! Because this kid grew up to be Papa Roach… Jaguar, how are you feeling tonight? You two. joking, Jacoby instructs fans about upcoming Crown-attended callbacks before cutting into one of the 10 most-played live songs (according to

Jagger mirrors many of his father’s stage moves, and it’s a similar vibe to when Corey Taylor’s son Griffin joined Stone Sour and Slipknot on stage at different points over the past few years.

Check out the “Dead Cell” performance further down the page.

“Being a father has definitely evolved the way I approach everything in life. I feel it in a lot of good ways, to be honest,” Shaddix said in 2020’s “Behind the Vinyl”. ” said on the podcast. I have been able to build with my sons over the years, they have been able to travel with me and see life from a different perspective.

“I also struggled with too many things,” he continued, talking about balancing his career and being a father.

“Sometimes I talk to my kids. ‘But it’s also important to do what you love and follow your passion,’ he added. Your purpose, life can get really monotonous, boring and gloomy. ”

Tickets for the final Papa Roach show on this tour are available here.

Papa Roach, ‘Dead Cell’, Lives With Jacoby Shaddix’s Son Jagger

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The Papa Roach frontman is bringing us back!

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10 Favorite Albums From When Jacoby Shaddix Was A Teenager

The Papa Roach frontman is bringing us back!

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