Watch Fear Factory Play First Show With Milo Silvestro + Pete Webber

On Monday night (February 27th), the new look of Fear Factory is upon us when the band played its first concert in Portland, Oregon with new vocalist Milo Silvestro and fill-in drummer Pete Webber.

Silvestro was recently revealed as the band’s new vocalist, succeeding Burton C. Bell, who left the band in 2020 after a lengthy legal battle with the group’s past members came to an end. Playing bass since 2012, Mike Heller has retained the drum spot. I participated in.

Fear Factory are currently supporting Campos’ other band Static-X on their ‘Rise of the Machine’ tour. Unfortunately, bad weather in Los Angeles last week prevented the band from traveling on the first day of their tour, so last night’s show at Portland’s Roseland Ballroom was the first performance with the current line-up. It has been proved to be

From 2021, the curtain will be opened with “Recode” and a set of 10 songs will be performed. Aggression Continuum album. We delved deeper into their history, following 1998’s “Shock.” abolition album. You can also check out the full setlist below, as well as video footage of fan shots from the first night of the tour.

The tour continues tonight (February 28th) in Seattle. Check out all tour dates and get your tickets here.

Fear Factory February 27, 2023 Setlist for Roseland Ballroom in Portland

1. Recode
2. Shock
3. Edge Crusher
4. Disruptor
5. Dielectric
6. Power shifter
7. What will happen?
8. Prototype
9. Dismantling
10. Replica

Fear Factory, ‘Recode’ at first show with Milo Silvestro + Pete Webber

Fear Factory “Replica”

Fear Factory “Demanufactory”

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