Watch Amber Ardolino, JJ Niemann, and Alex Wong in New Ranked Music Video


See the new work from Amber Ardolino, JJ Neiman and Alex Wong ranking Music video

The Broadway alum recorded “Eye on the Prize” from the Kyle Holmes and David Taylor Gomez musical.

Class is back in session!new recordings and music videos for rank, musicalbook feature Music and lyrics by Kyle Holmes and David Taylor Gomez have been released.

funny girlof Amber Ardolino Book of MormonJJ Niemann, and so i think you can dance All-Stars and fan favorite Alex Wong also attended Newsies On Broadway, the star of the new version you can see above. The new recording is also available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

rank, musical Explores the pressures faced by teenagers. In a dystopian world where academic excellence is exposed and defined, students destroy themselves and each other to become number one. becomes uncertain again.

Read: in writing rankingKyle Holmes and David Taylor Gomez put teenagers first

“Eye on the Prize” is produced by Holmes, with music produced by Gomez and Andrew Hellinger. The music video was produced by Tyler Her Million at Millon Studios, with casting by Stephanie Clapper.

Anticipating the college admissions scandal of the Varsity Blues, the musical was originally written by students at Granite Bay High School in California, where Holmes worked as a drama teacher and Gomez served as music director for the drama program. (and debuted). Since then, it was created and developed by the University of California, Davis, and has been licensed by over 75 schools internationally.

HBO recently released a documentary titled My so-called high school ranknow streaming on HBO Max. rankingThe creation and beginning of the musical was about to make its way to Broadway before its shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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