Vivica A. Fox Reprises Her Role for SZA Music Video

Sza took the page of her song of the same name from Tarantino’s book.

third release kill bill The movie may still be provisional, but thanks Sizapopular fans Quentin Tarantino Movies can watch her latest music videos for her songs kill bill For much-needed consolation, as they hope the ace writers will rush to make that trilogy sooner or later. Dressed in a red version of the character’s iconic yellow suit and complete with a black version of her sporting bangs hairstyle, she’s heading out for a revenge spree as a bride. Uma ThurmanIt also features the character of Vernita Green, codenamed Copperhead. Vivica A. Fox I will be back to reprise the role.

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Revenge is sweet, and SZA enjoys it all in this music video. Christian BreslauerThe five-minute video begins with SZA receiving a loving hug, followed by a shocking farewell note from her boyfriend. The boyfriend then adds insult to injury by having a group of armed men shoot down the trailer home with her still inside. Copperhead then arrives, drives her away in her car, and trains and equips her for her smooth revenge.

The video doesn’t include the part where Copperhead betrays Beatrix, but it does feature other elements from the film, from the Bad trailer to Oren’s animated edit to the violent action sequence in the Blue Leaf House with Crazy 88. contains a reference to Shiza slashes his enemies with his samurai sword. She finally gets her revenge and rips out her ex-lover’s heart with her blade.In true Beatrix fashion, SZA concludes the video by teasing a more violent revenge.

Kill Bill the Vivica a Fox

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Music videos sure make me want more kill bill If anything, we hope the video will channel his creative juices in the direction of a second sequel when Tarantino sees it. I’m not completely tight-lipped about a recent appearance Joe Roganpodcast, he said of the direction of the third film:

Director Tarantino said, “I just imagine revisiting the characters 20 years in the future and seeing the bride and daughter Bebe live peacefully for 20 years before that peace is shattered.” Now Bride and Bebe are on the run, with only the idea that Uma can be cast. [Thurman] and cast her daughter Maya [Hawke] That’s going to be fucking exciting.

Her role in the film was killed, but Fox was so down on the idea that she even suggested throwing her character’s child, Nikkia Bell, into the mix… in the film’s final moments. Fox suggested Zendaya play a grown-up Belle, but Hawk said he would reject that kind of role, but the ball was in Tarantino’s court and we all wanted the moment he chose. I’m waiting for you to shoot.

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