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CLARKSVILLE NOW, Tennessee – VIPeach is a music artist, model, and veteran who pivots her music and brand to spread the word.

The Cincinnati native, who now lives in Clarksville, will debut in Tennessee on Friday, January 6 with a single release party and independent artist showcase called #TennesseeTakeover.

VIPeach has only been making and performing music for three years, but has a strong track record as an independent artist.

“This year I won Female Artist of the Year at the Ohio Buckeye Awards. I also won Female Music Video of the Year. , played in 16 different cities.I threw seven concerts.I played for Twister, Petey Pablo, Lil Flip, Bez Believe,” she told Clarksville Now. told to

turning point in her music

Now she’s ready to make music that makes a difference.

“My strategy for music,” she sighs. “I knew I couldn’t get out of the gate about things like domestic violence and women’s empowerment. People don’t want to talk about it. It’s taboo, it’s not exciting. I started making catchy songs that collect, and now that I’ve got people’s attention, I try to immerse myself more in that inspirational music.”

“Better Days” is a new single out on Friday. “This new song is kind of a turning point for my music. I wanted to start making music to put it in,” she said.

“When I was going through abuse and divorce, I had certain songs that healed me and pushed me forward. I wanted that one song that I could play over and over to help me get through that tough time.”

release party

The event will be held at the Pressuh Event Center at 2051 Fort Campbell Blvd. A portion of ticket and door sales will be donated to the Clarksville Urban Department, which operates a retreat for victims of domestic violence.

For tickets, head over to Eventbrite and check her out on Instagram @_VIPeach_ or

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