Van Morrison has a ‘mountain of material’ he wants to release

Van Morrison had to research “another outlet” to release the album.

The 77-year-old music legend admits he needs to stop writing a mind boggling pile of songs, but wants to find a different, non-traditional way to release his material I think. The record label route because they can put out so many records each year.

Speaking to fellow musician and activist Billy Bragg in the April issue of MOJO magazine, Van said:

He explains: This took 5 months to take out from delivery. That’s why I can’t stand twice a year. But I was always prolific. I’m still working on what I recorded in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and they had a hard time compiling what I did and putting it out there. People laugh, but back in the day, Warner Bros. only needed 22 minutes for an album. They told me I couldn’t go longer than 22 minutes because it would lower my level. So we recorded about 40 songs, but only 10 were on the album. So my plan is to find an alternate outlet to put all those things out.

When asked if he was still writing songs, he replied: It’s a lot of things that make my head spin. It’s a mountain of originals, covers and materials. ”

Van will release his 44th studio album Moving on Skiffle next month, inspired by his childhood love of the folk music genre popularized by Ronnie Donegan in the ’60s. to release.

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