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On Saturday, December 10th, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse School of Music performed a collage of holiday tunes at the “Sounds of the Season” concert. Participating ensembles included the UWL Concert Choir conducted by Dr. Chris Hathaway, the UWL Treble Her Chorus conducted by Ms. Beth Rakman, and her UWL Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr. Justin Davis.

Each ensemble was featured individually in some productions, while others were performed in combination. The concert selection included Gustav Holst’s ‘Christmas Day’, Morten Lauridsen’s ‘O Magnum Mysterium’, Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ and ‘Trepak’. In addition to the UWL Ensemble, soloist Kat Moran, a small group vocal ensemble, The Third Charm, and the Saxophone Quartet also performed.

After the performance, The Racquet Press asked several members of the ensemble about what UWL music students think about the value of music during the holiday season. Their reactions are recorded below.

concert choir members

Freshman Cary Kunkel: “I think music provides a wonderful opportunity for people to come together, celebrate, and have the same happy feelings. May people come together and listen to music as a symbol of everything it represents.”

Freshman Jacques Nienhuis: “I think music is the best way to get in the holiday spirit, and it makes the season even better. Many people don’t like snow and cold, but music makes it fun.” will do.”

Freshman Faith Norjin: “I think music sets a certain mood, whether it’s fun, meaningful or vibrant. I think music connects people.” As a music lover myself, I can confirm that listening to music makes me happy.”

Freshman Nick Mitchell: “The spirit of the holidays is the harmony and synergy of being together. I think music is a great way to do that.”

Members of the UWL Concert Choir (left to right) Jack Nienhuis, Asch Eisen, Nick Mitchell, Christine Starschak, Maria Laurent, Faith Norgin, Alex Perry, Zach Geffert and Naomi Meek. Photo taken from Christine Starshak.

Shelby Schultz, 2nd Grade: “Personally, my family loves holiday music and we sing along every time we make cookies. I think it’s a great way to bring them together and bring them closer together.”

Stephen Lee, sophomore and vice president of the concert choir, said: Having these concerts brings a lot of joy to the public. For families spending the holidays together and those who don’t have anywhere to go, I think music can do a good job of giving them the happiness that comes with the holiday season. Every time I hear a song, I can associate it with the holidays.I always feel like music brings people together. ”

Alex Perry, Junior and Social Media Officer, Concert Choir: “I think there is so much value in enjoying music during the holidays. There’s a lot of music inside, so it’s a blast, right?Being in an ensemble at UWL, whether it’s an orchestra or a choir, brings a lot of joy all year round, especially during the holidays. I start practicing these songs a month in advance, so the Christmas spirit comes early, and it helps me get my Christmas spirit up!”

Members of the Treble Chorus

Freshman Grace Phillips: “It’s a sense of community, especially when the choir sings songs and sings carols. It’s about feeling connected and being with all these other people. Me really enjoys it, and it’s an annual tradition, so it brings back memories.”

Freshman Emma Sampsel: “I think music spreads a lot of joy and smiles. It can form connections between people who don’t know each other!

Senior Concert Choir and Symphony Orchestra Kirsten Ammann said: It brings people together. Who wouldn’t enjoy listening to ‘Sleigh Ride’ with an orchestra and choir performing together!”

symphony orchestra members

Photo taken by Jessica Fitzgerald.

Freshman Ker Kang: “Everyone loves music! And that’s how people come together and feel happy, especially during the holidays. I think Christmas music is all the rage!”

Freshman Abby Oszek: “Without the music, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas!”

Senior Ashley Nordby: “I think music brings a lot of people together and brings a lot of people joy during this time. It’s just fun and I hope I can give it to others.”

Cassie Davis Sr.: “When I turn on the car in the morning, the first thing I hear is music. You hear the bell, right? I think music has a way of bringing everyone together, connecting us with people we don’t know, and having a great holiday season.”

Senior Caroline Sargent: “Music brings warmth to the holiday season. It brings back so many memories from years ago and people create new ones, connecting happy days with the beautiful music we listen to. can do.

Photo taken by Jessica Fitzgerald.

At the end of the performance, students and community members said they felt like they were officially in the holiday season. The performance concluded with a performance of “Sleigh Ride” which all three UWL ensembles joined with the audience. Concert attendees said it was a night filled with holiday music and spirit.

Information about upcoming UWL music performances will be posted on the UW-La Crosse Music Facebook page or the UWL Music Events Calendar page.

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