UMary’s ‘Cappella’ brings gift of music, faith to schools across the state

MINOT, ND (KMOT) – Good music takes any experience to another level.

UMary’s group of musicians have played a role in enhancing worship services with their talents.

The spring semester hasn’t even started yet for these UMary students, but they are already taking action, sharing the gift of music statewide.

On this day they are at the Bishop Ryan Catholic School in Minot and sing at the school’s monthly mass. It’s a chance for her UMary students, like Twin Cities’ Mary Kracht, to share their skills and faith.

“I am really passionate about trying to give everyone the joy that they can experience through music by going to different schools,” said Kracht, a sophomore at Alto I and UMary.

Capella was essentially born out of a need created by the pandemic.

The group’s director, Dr. Rebecca Laber, said UMary’s Monsignor Shea is aware of how COVID is constraining musicians and wants to give them an outlet.

”[Monsignor Shea] We wanted to come out of the COVID era in a beautiful way, sharing music that shares the beauty of our church and the beauty of our faith,” Raver said.

Father Gregory Crane, Bishop Ryan’s pastor, said that when he learned about Capella, he saw an opportunity to enhance the school’s worship services.

“I wanted them to have that experience so that they could elevate our worship and give the students a glimpse of what is possible with high-level choirs. ‘ said Father Crane.

Students like Dominic Plummer, who comes to North Dakota from Atlanta, Georgia, said the group puts a lot of effort into music and their mission.

“It’s great to work on music, but when it’s actually done and you feel confident, if you can share it and bring people closer to God or lift them up in some way, That’s probably the best part,” said Plummer, a sophomore at UMary in Tenor I.

Father Gregory said that music plays an irreplaceable role in every worship service.

“Music and good art in general, the beauty of it, opens us to more than what is in front of us,” said Father Crane.

Hit the right notes and bring these students closer to the faith.

A cappella members are by audition.

A cappella also performed on Tuesday at The View and St. Leo’s Catholic Church, which supports Minot’s lives.

The group also plans to travel abroad to share their music in Europe.

Your newsreaders will tell you more about it this weekend.

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