Uber driver takes rider back home after she asked for music to be turned down

Published: 2023-01-17T13:04:38

Has been updated: 2023-01-17T13:04:46

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing her Uber driver took her home after asking her to turn down the music.

In a 57-second clip that has been played more than 400,000 times in a single day, content creator Marleville says he ordered an early morning Uber pickup to get to the airport. She requested a “quiet trip” with no “music or conversation.”

However, when the driver arrived, the car was playing loud music while driving. Marleville said he politely asked her to turn the music down. She explained that the driver turned it down “like one click”.

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About 10 minutes into the ride, with the music still playing loudly, she asked if it could be turned off until we got to the airport. Instead, the driver gave her a surprising reaction.

“He said, ‘I’ll take you home,’ and turned around,” recalls TikToker.

Uber driver returns passengers home

In a follow-up video, Marville explained that he didn’t know her address because when the driver decided to drive her home, he asked her to provide it.

“I had to give him my address, which is now a safety concern for me,” she said. “I try to put things into perspective.

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Marleville said he was able to find another flight with a new driver and was able to reach his destination.

TikTok users in the comments stood by content creators, including multiple Uber drivers.

“There’s a reason we chose QUIET RIDE. Does anyone take an Uber in the morning and get upset when someone doesn’t want the music?” one user asked.

“As a former Uber driver I am in shock! I am so sorry what happened to you,” wrote another.

“You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. That weight is something he can carry.

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This isn’t the first Uber-related video to take off on TikTok. An Uber driver was previously filmed breaking into a sleeping woman’s apartment.

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