Type O Negative + Crowbar/Down Members Just Formed a New Band Together

Hmm, this must be heavy! The members of Type O Negative and Crowbar/Down have announced the formation of a new band, EYE AM.

News broke with type O negative twitter The page revealed that guitarist Kenny Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly have informed the account’s admins about their next project. and bassist Todd Strange, who spent time with both groups.

Hickey has also stood in for Windstein on the 2008 and 2010 Kingdom of Sorrow tours, and Hickey and Kelly also share another band, Silvertomb.

The tweet also confirmed that EYE AM will be recording their first single at Roger Lima’s studio in Less Than Jake, The Moathouse, and four photos of the group from the studio can be seen directly below. will be

We’re just getting started, so we don’t know what else is in store for EYE AM, whether it’s a full-length album, an EP, or a tour.Last released clover below zero However, there are quite a few dates in the UK and European books for 2022, which you can see here. This is his iconic fest since 2007 and the first since Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta acquired the rights to the name.

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