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The Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation is offering the opportunity for musical “two” holiday concerts this weekend. One is a candlelit evening of chamber music and the other is a beloved local big band.

The first is The Musicians of the Old Post Road at a concert called “American Originals: A Moravian Christmas” on Saturday, December 17th at 7:30 PM.

The musicians playing period instruments are joined by soprano Jessica Petras and mezzo-soprano Hilary Ann Walker.

“The musical selection draws from Moravian composers, including several contemporary premieres of works written by Moravian immigrants in America, including Johann Joachim Quantz, Karl Heinrich Graun, and JS Bach’s fifth son. Also included is a selection by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, who is,” according to the music program.

Early music expert Martin Perlman emphasized the contribution of the Moravian community to composition and performance, and noted that travelers who traveled to America in the 18th or early 19th century collected the best music performed and written in the European tradition. I pointed out that if I wanted to find it, I would find it in the church. and Moravian settlements.

Charles L. Nazarian, Chairman of the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation, said that anyone who loves classical music at Christmastime would be delighted with the beauty and depth of this performance. The ensemble will have its sixth annual concert here.

A recent addition was then made over the weekend. By popular demand, the Cape Ann Big Band and guest vocalists will perform in concert on Sunday, December 18th at 7pm.

Nazarian said this was a great opportunity for residents of all ages to enjoy the group’s signature sound, noting that two Cape Ann Big Band shows at Lockport the previous day had sold out. Did.

Performances include holiday season favorites, Golden Age hits of big band swing, and Santa’s Visit. The band will also feature several guest vocalists well known to Cape Ann audiences. Alexandra Grace, Emily Grace, Rhiannon Hirst, Scott Parisi, John Rockwell, Nathan Seavey and the Treblehurst Trio.

Nazarian said this weekend’s concert series will feature two very different genres: baroque chamber music by candlelight on Saturday night and swing band music with loud brassy sounds on Sunday night.

“I hope one or both will take you out of this world, if only for a moment, into realms of wonder and mystery that might remind you of your childhood at this time of year,” he said. said.

As war and suffering in Ukraine follow the COVID-19 pandemic, Nazarian says it’s hard to imagine “peace on earth,” saying miraculously the manger sought by the mysterious star-chasing kings. Said it was hard to accept the baby story. , or even admire the colorful lights that represent hope for the shortest day of the year.

“This is probably the time when only music can lift our spirits and soften our news-weary hardened hearts,” he said.

Founded in 2015, the Gloucester Meetinghouse Foundation is dedicated to preserving the landmark building as a civic hub. In addition to its work to preserve the historic 1806 Meetinghouse, the Foundation is raising funds to restore the Meetinghouse Green Space through a $130,000 grant from the Community Conservation Act and the Essex Heritage Partnership Grant Program. has received a $2,000 grant for the entire project. The goal is $340,000. Construction is scheduled to begin in the spring.

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