‘Tulsa King’ Finale Closes With a Musical Performance From Garrett Hedlund

Bullets splatter, lives are lost and bridges are burned in today’s explosive finale of Paramount+’s hit series Tulsa KingBut when the dust settled, the Bred 2 Buck Cabaret and Casino rose from the ashes to give fans what they’ve been waiting for: a musical performance by one of the show’s stars, Garrett Hedlund.

Tulsa King New York mafia capo Dwight Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) is released from prison after 25 years and rudely banished by his superiors for setting up a shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m drawing Mitch Keller. A former bull rider and ex-con, Dwight bonds with him as soon as he arrives in town. Throughout the season, between scenes of Mitch strumming the guitar and hints that he might become the bar’s house band, fans may see Hedlund bring his musical talents to the show. I was given a hint that no.

And so, the final episode of the first season, “Happy Trails,” was delivered, and Hedlund took the bar’s brand new stage to perform two memorable covers that you won’t soon forget. ‘Ramblin’ Man’ by The Allman Brothers. The Three Dog Night band and ‘Never Been To Spain’. (Will Paramount be bribed to release full versions of both songs? Seeking friends.)

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Mitch’s transformation from easy-going guy behind bars to charming frontman on stage is more than just an act, either.Hedlund is also a real-life musician.His music career began in film. country strong, where he learned to sing and play guitar for his role as country musician Beau Hutton. Although his acting remained at the forefront after that, Hedlund lent his musical talents to other films in which he starred. Lullaby When dirt music.

Last year, Hedlund began pursuing a solo music career, releasing several tracks and two music videos. All of it is now available for streaming.

For more on Garrett Hedlund, check out the latest details on his filmography here.

All 9 episodes of Tulsa King is currently streaming only on Paramount+. If you need a refresher, look back at our weekly episode recaps. The show has already been renewed for a second season, so stay tuned.

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