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Last year was a strange year for Australia’s largest music poll, which is believed to be the world’s largest music poll.

Formed over 30 years ago, the children’s group topped the charts with Triple J’s covers of songs from 10 years ago, while Olivia Rodrigo and Doja Cat made up 10% of the total list. Alternative youth station.

As various campaigns to include and exclude Taylor Swift from the 2014 countdown rapidly faded from our collective memory, a song featuring Justin Bieber came in at number two. , like drawing a line in the sand, for the first time in history a compilation CD did not follow the countdown.

So who will be the top 100 hottest in 2022? Harry’s house’s newest earworm? Is The Hooley Dooleys covering Know Your Product, perhaps with a more overt summer banger like his 61-second classic Southern Brooding Gastric Frog for starters?

Either it will be a popular song by a popular band. According to Warm Tunas, a prediction site with a sample size of over 250,000 and a proven track record of triangulating his top tunes of the year, Australian artists occupy the spiky part of the list. Skybee will be an option on the podium this year.

Top 10 Familiar

Early numbers suggest that local songs will inevitably head the countdown this year. Froome, Gang of Youth, Ball Park Music and Spacey Jane vie for the top spot.

If this particular local line-up is giving you déjà vu, you only have to scratch your head on the countdown to 2020, and at the top of it is British band Glass Animals’ song Heat Wave. Spacey Jane was second (Booster Seat), Froome was his third (The Difference) and Ballpark Music was fourth (Cherub). Gang of Youth didn’t have any new releases that year, but the following year it reached #6 on Angels of Eight Avenue.

Among the aforementioned frontrunners, Flume seems to be a slight favorite at this point, with his February single Say Nothing featuring young Sydney artiste Maya Cumming giving the producer his second No. likely to win .1.

Producer is certainly in the top five. In fact he took out all the slots before. Flume is #1 with “Never Be Like You” in 2016, #2 with “Rushing Back” in 2019, #3 with “The Difference” in 2020, #4 with “Holdin On” in 2012, and #4 in 2013 In 2011, he reached number five with “Drop The Game”. What year did he win his 6th place?

Fremantle quartet Spacey Jane is unlikely to be No. 1 on cracked hardlights, but it looks more likely to rank within the top five. “Sitting Up” also likely reached the Top 10, both songs coming from her second song from the band. Album Here Comes Everything.

Spacey Jane has been doing well lately, finishing 3rd in the Lot of Nothing in 2021 (behind Skibby and Beebe) and 12th at lunchtime. Last year, the booster seat was hampered by the above-mentioned heat wave and finished 2nd.

Ball Park Music’s Stars In My Eyes is also a great chance to win #1. Their song Cherub, which ranked him No. 4 in 2020, is still his best, but Brisbane’s five-piece so far has him a dozen entries, including last year. A sunscreen like a kaleidoscope that shined at #21.

Is Gang of Youth finally number one?

Evangelical rock band Gang of Youth hit number one with ‘In the Wake of Your Leave’, a tribute to the death of frontman David Leopepe’s father likely to obtain.

The band completely swept the countdown to 2017, placing 2nd and 5 on Let Me Down Easy, The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows and What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out? won 10th place.

Gangs of Youth may have dominated 2017, but Kendrick Lamar’s not-so-humble Humble took the top spot that year by a wide margin.

For the man who released 19 songs to the world in 2022, it’s also a five-year hiatus between his final record (4 of which were on the Hottest 100 of 2017) and this year’s Mr. Morale. Regardless, the rapper is noticeably lacking in predictions for this year. And big stepper.

According to Warm Tunas, only one Kendrick song enters the 200 – N95, which tends to land in the mid-30s. Perhaps the problem is that the voting options are spread too thinly across the two-disc set.

Other songs likely to hit #1 include Gorillaz’s New Gold featuring Tame Impala and Bootie Brown. Fred Again’s Delilah (Pull Me Out Of This). BOTA by Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal.

If recent elections have taught us anything, it’s that pre-voting is useful, but ultimately flawed. This year’s hottest 100 is for everyone.

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