TRIBULATION Announces ‘Hamartia’ EP, Shares ‘Axis Mundi’ Music Video

April 7th, tribulation release a new EP “Hamatia”via century media recordsLast year the Swedish quartet “Hamatia” As a standalone release. Now they are back with another single/video from this record: “axis of the world”Clip directed by Johann Baas in cooperation with Astrid Bergdahlwhich can be seen below.

Adam Saals (guitar) Comments: ““Axis of the World” look tribulation Enter the Machine Age through the lens of dystopian fiction on a journey to the center of the world and beyond.being the first composition by Joseph Thor (guitar), it offers the listener and the viewer a new set of flavors and shades on the palate, from the palette that composes the egregore. tribulationPlease consider a new year with a new start as part of your soundtrack. “

Forged in the grimy depths of the Swedish death metal scene, tribulation Always brooding outlaws of the underground, they are about to begin a new chapter in their sinister tale with ‘Hamartia’. The group’s songwriting prowess was actively guitarist Joseph Thor replaced the departure Jonathan Halten, which led to the creation of an EP’s worth of material.Recorded in Stockholm Robert Perlson so studio humbucker the same as Linus Björklund so Studio Lisvikenbefore it is created in the mix Tom Dalgety I’m going back to Stockholm to do the mastering at. Magnus Lindbergh so Redmount Studios, “Hamatia” It’s a raucous encapsulation of everything die-hard fans demand from the Swedish crew, but sharper, darker, and full of venom. These four new songs show the band is in good health.

“Future plans are Joseph Like me, I share the writing duties. Jonathan I’ve done it before,” says the guitarist Adam Saals“The other difference this time around is that we worked a little closer together on these songs. For the last couple of albums we basically wrote material separately. Joseph I have written “Axis of the World” I wrote the other two songs, but during the spring leading up to the recording, we would go to Stockholm every other week and sit together and try different things.This time we worked more closely than at least since then “The Children of the Night”Compared to the last album, I think the new songs are more cynical and in some ways harsher. “

moreover, Saars already under consideration tribulationnext move. “Hopefully we’ll be able to record something pretty soon — an album first and foremost,” he concludes. “In some ways, I’ve already started writing, but I don’t have a complete song to show anyone yet. I have a lot of material and need time to piece it all together. …

“We toured together WATAIN, Abbas When bolzer Last year it was great, and this year we’re focusing on festivals…and writing new songs!”

“Hamatia” Track list:

01. Hamartia
02. axis of the world
03. pedigree
04. Revenge (The Pact) (BLUE ÖYSTER CULT cover)

Photo credit: dark belau

album artwork Adam Saals

tribulation teeth:

Johannes Anderson – vocals, bass
Adam Saals – guitar
Joseph Thor – guitar
Oscar Leander – drum

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