Trending Up: Lil Uzi Vert Takes Uniquely 2023 Path to a New Hit, ‘Guardians‘ Trailer Brings Back Long-’Gone’ Classic Rock Gem & More

Welcome to Billboard Pro trend up In this column, we take a closer look at the songs, artists, curiosities, and trends that have caught the attention of the music industry. Some appeared out of nowhere, others took months to catch, and they could all become ubiquitous in the blink of an eye on TikTok clips.

This week: An approved post-mortem remix of the popular Lil Uzi Vert leak appears on the verge of becoming their next major hit. rainbow find the pot of gold at the end guardian of the galaxy Trailer Bump and Mae Stevens are trying to turn TikTok virality into a streaming breakout.

For the past year, Lil Uzi Vert fans have been desperate to get their hands on the official version of “Watch This.” This is an unreleased track, presumably from his late 2010s, that was leaked in full in April 2022. Meanwhile, unofficial edits of the track have been picked up by various DJs and remixers looking to capitalize on the track’s excitement, among them the “Pluggnb Remix” of “Watch” on the verge of becoming the rapper’s next major. including producers Arizonatars located in strike.

Despite crediting the popular Sped Up Nightcore account on Spotify’s artist list, this remix is ​​actually Faster The leaked version of “Watch” – actually a bit slower, with layers of wavy synths giving it a more psychedelic feel. This new compilation, which has been out since late last year (according to his Arizonatars on his YouTube of the song), is now officially licensed by Uzi’s Atlantic Records label and is taking off for streaming. According to Luminate, the week ending February 16 saw a 265.1% increase from the previous week.

This song will also debut in many programs billboard That includes Bow at No. 19 on Hot Rap Songs on Feb. 25, and it looks like it will likely hit the Billboard Hot 100 as long as the stream continues to climb. This is a very unusual path for a song whose original version doesn’t yet exist in official form, but it feels very fitting for 2023. Andrew Underberger

New “Since” Rainbow Stream Up Guardian trailer

A ’70s and ’80s side project of Deep Purple guitar great Ritchie Blackmore, Rainbow isn’t the first artist most young people think of when they hear the title “Since You Been Gone.” maybe. But it’s not Kelly Clarkson’s 2000s pop-rock classic that took center stage in this year’s most anticipated movie sequel trailer. : Guardians of the Galaxy 3is the latest installment in the blockbuster MCU film series famous for its revival of classic rock staples.

“Since You Been Gone” is a little more in-depth. Guardian Standard – The song originally peaked at number 57 on the Hot 100 in late 1979, never quite getting the classic rock radio play of Deep Purple’s most famous hits. But fans are certainly discovering it now: The song climbed from less than 116,000 official on-demand US streams in the week ending February 9th to more than 226,000 the following week, with the trailer set for February 12th. Dropped mid-week on the day and increased by nearly 96. %, according to Luminate. We’ll see what other FM rock mixtape gems to unearth. Guardian When is this franchise roll. 3 It will be in theaters on May 5th. AUs

Mae Stephens’ single “Broke” delivered on TikTok in December. can you get over it now?

“If We Ever Broke Up,” Mae Stevens’ cheeky synth-pop kiss-off, hit TikTok over a month before it was officially released. The British singer-songwriter teased the track’s shoulder-shrugging, lightly funky hook (“If we broke up, I’d never be sad/Thinking about all we had Still/Even if we break up,” Stevens sings) December Clips — the biggest of which was posted on December 29 and has garnered 11.5 million views to date.

In January, while watching other TikTok users lip-sync and create choreography for the track, Stevens promised that the full thing would arrive soon, prompting commenters to argue that the release was taking too long. I have dealt with it. “I promise I’m trying!” she wrote on her January 13th. “All it takes is a little patience and understanding!”

Finally, “If We Ever Broke Up” was fully released on February 10th on Mercury/Republic. With 2.83 million US on-demand streams for her in the week ending February 16, early earnings are expected for the full song. It luminated and debuted at number 45 on the UK Official Charts. Only time will tell if “Broke” will continue to climb the streaming charts and receive pop radio play, but Stevens said another song claimed by TikTok users would be released before it was finally released. We can take solace in the fact that it claims to have been teased for far too long by — Sam Smith and Kim Petras — for “Unholy” — a Grammy-winning, Hot 100 topping smash. – Jason Lipschatz

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