TouchTunes Unlimited brings music to work

Looking for a new way to bond with your co-workers? Turn on your work stereo system and play your favorite tunes together.

That’s the mission of TouchTunes Unlimited. TouchTunes Unlimited is a music service that brings a real-life jukebox into the office break room, allowing employees to sideline as office DJs.

“At TouchTunes, there is always a jukebox with music playing in the background while you work,” says Stephanie Badouix, the company’s director of human resources. “Creating moments that matter, motivating people to come back to the office, and making sure the workplace can be seen as a fun and supportive environment to bond with colleagues is our responsibility as managers. It’s my responsibility.”

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TouchTunes Unlimited jukebox in the office.

The platform already provides jukeboxes to music venues, bars and restaurants. The company will expand its service in his 2021, introducing a jukebox into the workplace, Helping employees reconnect Baduix says as they return to the office. Programming a playlist or gathering around a jukebox to pick songs is a unique bonding experience.

“Employees have access to an unlimited catalog of music, so they can create playlists to set the mood at work,” she says. “Companies can decide specific times when music can be played and discuss how to create diverse playlists.”

Study Shows Playing Music While Working Can boost your productivity and mood: According to a study by staffing agency Accountemps, 71% of employees say that listening to music while working makes them more productive. Calming music changes brain function and reduces stress hormones.

Badouix says she loves listening to pop music during the day to boost her energy. Through her TouchTunes, she was introduced to other genres of music such as New Her Wave and started conversations with her colleagues about her musical tastes. A jukebox is a great ice breaker and helps employees feel comfortable with each other, especially if they’ve worked remotely before.

“This is no longer a natural thing for us to do because we had social connections and conversations before attending meetings,” Baduy says. “Music is a great facilitator for that. People love discovering music and discussing it.”

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Most people enjoy a little background noise, but Badoix admits it can be distracting for some. The Touchtunes jukebox can be programmed to play during lunchtime or he can turn down the volume to accommodate calls and meetings.

2023 is approaching and many employers looking forward to returning to office In the new year, you need to create a culture that your employees will find valuable, says Baduix. Music is one way to foster that connection.

“When you ask people to come back to the office, it really has to add value to them,” says Baduy. “The aim is to harness the power of music to improve workplace productivity, well-being and corporate culture. It opens up new possibilities for interaction.”

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