Tool Shared a Video Rehearsing ‘Rosetta Stoned’ + Fans Are Freaking Out

If you had to choose one song to add to Tool’s setlist, what would it be? Adam Jones shared a video of the band rehearsing “Rosetta Stone” last night (February 27th). , fans are freaking out about it.

The footage was posted on Jones’ Instagram story, and according to the Reddit user who shared it, it was from practicing at their loft studio. is heard, and Jones turns the camera to the guitar before the clip cuts. But that one sip was enough to drive his fellow Reddit fans completely crazy.

“If this song is in rotation for future tours, I will keep going live until I see it. I saw it once during the period. 10,000 days The tour is over, but I don’t think I was grateful enough at the time,” someone wrote.

“Okay, I was already going to buy tickets for the next show and bring the kids, but my youngest son will happily give a shit if this is on the setlist. I’ve been wanting him for the past few weeks.” It was my favorite song of the.” commented another fan.

See the Reddit thread here and the video below.

“Rosetta Stoned” is from the band’s 2006 album. 10,000 days, ranks it as the 15th most-played song live, but it hasn’t been included in regular setlists for quite some time. They said he played this track a few times in 2018, but before that he hadn’t worked on it since 2009, so it’s safe to say it’s rare now.

Tool has yet to officially announce tour dates for 2023, but a few weeks ago Carey confirmed in a video that she’ll be playing several festivals over the summer before embarking on a “big” tour in the fall. So please wait until the date is revealed.

Tool rehearsal “Rosetta Stoned”

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