Tomorrow Never Knows 2023: 5 acts to catch at Chicago winter music fest

Prior to 2005, Chicago winters were really quiet nights as tours and artists tended to hibernate.

That was before the long-running Tomorrow Never Knows festival started.

Conceived by the team at North Side venues Lincoln Hall and Shuvas, the event is a five-day, multi-venue event taking place in mid-January that showcases emerging talent from both local and national music artists. To do. It also proves, in their words, that “music fans will brave the bitter cold of Chicago for a great show.”

It may not be that cold this year, but the festival takes place January 18-22 and is definitely winter fun.

“I would like to say that Tomorrow Never Knows will book your next favorite artist. say.

“Whether it’s discovering music, connecting with other people, or just wanting to go out and have fun, TNK offers a sanctuary of people, art and community, regardless of genre or style.”

The event has had great success in choosing the next big thing for “tomorrow” in the past. Featured artists over the past few years have included those who have been in the indie spotlight, including Taylor Bennett, Open Mike Eagle, Caroline Polachek, Ezra Furman, and Jukebox The Ghost. I was. .

Another focus of TKN is to emphasize Chicago’s independent venues. In addition to Lincoln Hall and Shubus, this year’s event will also feature Sleeping He Village and Golden Dagger, and has also partnered with Metro and Hideout in the past.

“Independent venues are a necessary part of the music industry ecosystem, providing outlets for artists who do not meet corporate expectations, young artists to develop their craft and fans to get more affordable tickets. ,” says Apodaca.

Apodaca has one tip for getting the most out of the 5-day music service with 50 artists. Some are locals and some are on tour, but we take the same care in booking support as we do in booking headliners. [It’s] One way to really reach the champion artists we believe in and bring them before new eyes and ears.

Here are the people who check out daily.

January 18: Tomberlin


Courtesy of never knowing tomorrow

Emotions run high when you hear this contemporary folk artist, the daughter of a Baptist preacher who once grew up in rural southern Illinois. Songs like “Happy Accident,” from her second album of 2022, “I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This…,” pack beautiful vocal reflections with her layered strings and percussion. , creates a sensory narrative that unravels like a good book. Openers include Free Her Range and Her VV Her Light Body. 7:00 p.m. Schubas, 3159 N. Southport. $25 in advance.

January 19: Cheek face

cheek face

Tomorrow Never Knows may not have a comedy line-up this year, but this trio has more than enough hints to fill the gap. A freak for freaks of the decade Like Cake’s “The Distance,” Cheekface tackles the art of highly accurate talk singing. It’s not rap, it’s not even spoken language, but it’s a particular dialect that some rock and indie bands employ in their own melodic poems. Openers include Girl K and OK Cool. 9 p.m., Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln. $20 in advance.

January 20: The Stone Fox

If the past few decades are any indication, the blues-rock revival isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And there’s no reason to doubt that San Francisco’s The Stone Fox isn’t as big an act as The Black Keys, the band they’ve toured with in the past. ‘s horns and backing vocals lift the band out of the garage-rock space and offer neo-soul flair, making this a true Flashback Friday show. Openers include Shane Gerrett and Blue Dream. 8 p.m., Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln. $22 in advance.

January 21: Doss

Electroclash trendsetter Doss makes his Chicago debut at this showcase. Songs like “Look” are hyperpop, rave-worthy displays, with hints of Chicago house lurking in the bouncy beats, not to mention steady vocals that could be mistaken for Grimes. Lady Gaga is also a fan and has commissioned a beatmaker to remix her “Chromatica” song “Enigma”. Openers include Ariel Zetina and Squip. 9pm, Lincoln Hall, North Halstead 2447. $30 up front.

January 22: Fury



Courtesy of never knowing tomorrow

In addition to domestic next-ups, TKN has also inspired local game-changers, and there’s no better example than FURY in this year’s lineup. Chicago rapper Samantha Jordan’s alter ego stands for “Finally Understanding the Real You,” and her lyrics on songs like “Revolution” are specifically about advancing social causes and mobilizing the power of music. , lives in a space of higher consciousness. was given. Openers include Angelena. 8 p.m., Golden Dagger, 2424 North Lincoln. $12 in advance. Golden

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