TOM KEIFER Shares New Music Video For ‘A Different Light’

Music video for the same song “Another Light” from Tom Kiefer You can see it below.truck is Tom2013 critically acclaimed solo debut album, “The Way Life Goes”.

kieferbegins as a singer-songwriter, guitarist and frontman for hard rock stalwarts. CinderellaHis signature voice, guitar and bluesy, and BS Arena-shaking songwriting have played an integral role in propelling the record to 15 million songs worldwide. Tom Kiefer enjoys continued successful recording and touring with #kiefer bandTom Kiefer, Savannah Kiefer, Tony Higby, Billy Mercer, Kendra Chantel, Jared Pope When Corey Myers — Released two aforementioned critically acclaimed solo albums “The Way Life Goes” When “rise”.

“rise”released in September 2019 cleopatra recordfeaturing an evocative, rolling rock single “my death” When “Hype”Both singles charted on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 40. kieferdeep-rooted roots shine to the core. “rise”embedded at the heart of his music created during the multi-platinum Cinderella days.

“When this band came together, we all felt like broken souls, each with their own story.” Tom explained. “If you ask any member of the band, they will all say that this band was born at just the right time. Every human being on this planet faces challenges and extreme adversity that must be overcome. As a band, we feel lucky, let’s face things together. ‘my death’ but also throughout ‘rise’ album. “

Common point of each song “rise” is an intuitive interaction between each member of the . #kiefer banda tight but loose collective, have spent the last few years honing their live craft together. “rise” It is equivalent to the fact that the studio-raised band is showing its power to the fullest right now.

“We were trying to capture the feeling that people witnessed live with this band.” kiefer explained. “There is a real live feeling that is out of the ordinary ‘rise’ — and that’s what we were aiming for. It shows real impatience and recklessness that I tried not to polish too much. To bring it back to ballads, it’s about emotion, soul, and making people feel something in a different way.

“To me, the perfect rock ‘n’ roll record is a complete mess.” kiefer said with a wide smile. “You try to make each record interesting and different. Even if there is a common thread between them, you don’t want to make the same record twice. No, but there is a balance, sometimes something may not be technically ‘right’, but there is a vibe, an energy and an attitude that I always try to maintain. “

March 2022, kiefer is for 2021 Cinderella guitarist Jeff Lover. Jeff found dead by his wife, devinique salazar rubber, inside his Nashville apartment on July 14, 2021. he was 58 years old.

“I’m telling you, you’re not really ready for that kind of loss. You’re not ready to hear that kind of thing.” kiefer Said Sirius XMof “Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk”“And everyone is still grieving and trying to process it. It’s an emotional topic.” Jeff He was such a passionate, wonderful person, musician and human being. he had a big heart. And it was a big deal. For everyone, it still is. “

Tom continuation: “Jeff I had really good relationships throughout my career. Obviously, there are times when there are differences in bands. That’s part of being in a band. It’s true what people say about the band — they’re like family. From business to creativity and everything in between. But despite the differences we’ve experienced over the years, and as a band as a whole, as I always say, we’ve never aired anything like it.

Jeff And I had a great relationship.” kiefer repeated. “I loved Jeff — I really did — and have so many great memories of our trip. Jeff Has a great sense of humor and some of my favorite memories Jeff It’s like cutting together on a bus. We are both big movie fans and could quote almost all of our favorite movies.And we sat in the front lounge and quoted “Arthur” When “Big Lebowski” When “Caddy Shack”He was a really passionate person, a really fun guy to be with, and obviously a great performer.he was a big part of Cinderella.

“Like I said, you’re not ready for that. And everyone’s being really honest … I’m in touch Erik [Brittingham, bass] When fred [Coury, drums] Regularly — everyone close to him — and we’re still trying to process it. “

nevertheless Cinderella Hasn’t released a new studio album since 1994 “still climbing”the band began playing sporadic shows again in 2010, but had been largely inactive for several years. kiefer Dedicated to solo activities.

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