Tom Grennan: ‘Lizzo is the person I want to meet – I think me and Lizzo would get on well’

Tom Glennan was the latest BRIT candidate to join Sam Thompson on this week’s Hits Radio show. [WEDNESDAY] hit Britain with Sam Thompson, and the pair had a lot to talk about — not just their plans for the British, but what Tom did about his latest message from fellow candidate Mimi Webb. Or. A message that Sam may have been involved in…

Sam started the BRIT conversation by asking if Tom planned to collaborate with fellow candidates.
If Harry Styles came to me and said, ‘I want to do a song,’ I would do it like a sweet blub, but I wouldn’t go up to Harry and say, ‘I want to do a song.’ Because he’ll be like, “Who are you?” He definitely would have!
I have met Harry. He had just bought a new Tesla and was trying it out. He said what do you think of Tesla and I said “Decent!” It was only for a short while, but he was in good health, and if you pass him by at BRIT, I want to congratulate you on both Grammys.

The person Tom really wants to see is Lizzo, who is performing with Styles at the ceremony on Saturday night. I need a bit of that energy man.

This entrance allowed Sam to do a little roleplay with Tom to practice how to ask Lizzo to collaborate on Tom being Tom and Sam being Lizzo…
“Are you okay, Riso?”
“What happened to the baby cake?”
“I love the flute you know. Play it well.”
‘thank you very much.
“I think you and I are a perfect match. Your voice, my voice, your flute, my flute…”

Sam also sent Tom a message pretending to be Mimi after hearing all about the aftermath of the prank he set up when he exchanged phone calls with guest Mimi Webb on Tuesday night.

Tom said: “I felt bad for blue ticking her man, but when I got the message, I was like, ‘What the hell?’ I was watching , but it didn’t feel real. My mrs was there and I was like ‘Look at that, I can’t do that! So I was kind of coming back to it. And as I was thinking of ways to let her down gently, she called me up and said, “By the way…”
I said thank you for calling me cos I’m going to be an awkward guy! When I read it, I thought it was really her.

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