Tohru Okada, Creator of Signature PlayStation Logo Sound, Has Died at 73

Toru Okada, the Japanese musician and producer who created the PlayStation logo sound, has died at the age of 73, according to EuroGamer.

Video gamers, especially those who have played or owned a PlayStation console, may be familiar with the quick sound that plays whenever a commercial or brand logo appears at the beginning of a game. Sony has used this sound for over 25 years, but it should not be confused with the system startup sound created by Takafumi Fujisawa.

Check out Okada’s compilation of the logo sounds below, just as the PlayStation has evolved over the years.

Besides his work for PlayStation, Okada has created music for commercials for movies, anime and other games. crash bandicoot 90’s Advertisement [via Gamespot]He was also a member and played keyboards of the Japanese rock band Moonriders, formed in 1975. It was co-founded by Keiichi Suzuki, who also worked in the gaming world. mother and earthbound.

Okada died of heart failure on February 14. Engadget noted that he was hospitalized in 2022 due to a compound fracture and was undergoing rehab as he was scheduled to perform at a music festival in April.

“We love you,” Moonriders tweeted, along with a photo of Okada.

Condolences to Okada’s loved ones and fans. rest in peace.

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