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COHOES, NY — The “title of the show” is either the most perfect title for a musical, or the worst.

In fact, the four-man show at Cohorse Music Hall on January 26th could be titled “A Little Musical Made”.

However, without knowing the story, the title means little.

Michael LoPorto conducts the production on the Playhouse Stage at Cohoes Music Hall. For nearly 20 years, he has directed nearly every major musical produced by the company in Washington Park, Albany. He also put on a lovely “Bright Star” at Cohorts Music Hall last January.

LoPorto works most of the year at the Academy Theater and small specialty theaters in the New York City, Brooklyn, and New Jersey areas.he admits [title of show] cause marketing problems

“The title doesn’t make it clear what a great theatrical experience this is.” He calls it “a love letter to theater.”

He believes he actually feels present in the show during rehearsals. “It’s a great play that offers great insight into the creative process. I feel it captures the hard work, the love and the frustration of all the shows I’ve been working on.”

The piece, he explains, is about two friends working together to write an original 90-minute musical in three weeks. Eventually, the two female friends overcome some issues and join to appear on the show.CreativeWhen his team embarks on such a nebulous project, they are the show’s interim Enclose the name in parentheses.

Not wanting to give a permanent name to the work shows how things change during the creative process.

LoPorto also [title of show] It’s true.

When invited to submit work to a new music festival, creators Jeff Bowen (music and lyrics) and Hunter Bell (books) ran out of ideas. He had only three weeks to create an original piece and was devoid of inspiration. One day, they realized that the process of creating an original musical was more interesting than any other idea.Indeed, the musical’s male characters are named Jeff and Hunter

After completion, they retained the name “Title of the Show” and submitted the work to the first version of the now prestigious New York Music Festival. Miraculously, it won. After a successful run off-Broadway, it moved to Broadway in 2008.

LoPorto says it sounds like a fairy tale success story, but it might be as flirtatious as a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland movie. (Hey, kids, there’s a barn. Let’s put on a show!) He doesn’t deny that his work contains the feel-good charm of youthful success.

However, he claims he discovered a lot of depth to the material in rehearsals. He explains that the play also shows how the innocence of friends writing stories for festivals can make them more competitive at each level of commercial success.

The question of cutting material to make the production more attractive to the tourism industry in the hope of increasing ticket sales hurts friendships. break it.

LoPorto said: Creative differences and mistrust can ruin intimate relationships. ’” he adds.

This philosophy of creating art for joy is one of the reasons LoPorto returns to the Park Playhouse and Playhouse Stage Company. He is in awe of the products they unveil at Washington Park each year and is thrilled that so many people will be able to see it for free. increase.

He presents his theory that it is this way of thinking that enhances creativity and results in sincere collaboration and art for art’s sake.

Pointing to his work, he proudly says: Ticket prices are modest, but we aim to give our audience the best possible experience. ” That said, he feels [title of show] asks people from all walks of life their definition of success.

“Is it how much money you make? Or how much joy you bring to others?”

“Title of Show” runs Thursday through Sunday from January 26 to February 12 at Cohorse Music Hall in downtown Cohorse.

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