TikTok’s SoundOn Launches In Australia

Brisbane, Australia — TikTok has launched SoundOn in Australia. This is a tool that allows creators to directly upload their music and get paid.

The new platform will help independent emerging artists navigate the service, upload music and get paid for its use, market and promote themselves on TikTok, and distribute their music to external DSPs. Helpful.

SoundOn initially went live in Brazil and Indonesia in early 2022, and went live in the US and UK last year, and went live to users in Australia this week.

With SoundOn, TikTok becomes a music distributor, partnering with third-party distributors to offer services that allow users to upload music to Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

SoundOn, which is free to join in Australia, promised to pay 100% royalties to music creators for the first year, calling them “TikTok music experts.”

SoundOn said in a statement that it could “distribute to other music platforms,” ​​but did not specify which streaming services or DSPs it currently has.

New service at us.soundon.global or soundon.global opens business in Australia with signatures including Ashwarya, Aleksiah, The Drax Project, Roy Bing, Suzi Sings, Xanu, Kate Gill, Mikalya Pasterfield, and CXLOE To do.

According to data released in the Digital 2022 Australia report, TikTok is a big hit with Gen Z in Australia, making it the more popular social platform than Twitter among all internet users in these regions.

In separate news, TikTok has confirmed that it will be “running tests” in Australia over the next few weeks analyzing “how music is accessed and used on the platform.”

The results of these tests could empower TikTok when it negotiates new terms with its major-label content partners, observers say.

“Not all music is included in this test and we do not expect it to impact everyone on TikTok,” reads a statement from the ByteDance-owned business. “While testing is ongoing, we expect some users to lose access to our full music and sound library. I will not give.”

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