This classic track has been named the ‘happiest song of all time’ by scientists…

“Good Vibrations” was voted “the happiest song of all time,” according to a scientific study.

The classic rock track was first released by the Beach Boys in 1966. Now musicologist Michael his Dr. Bonshaw says that its delightful nature rests on the fact that he ticks all the boxes in his formula, including that he’s written at 137 BPM in the key of Major. claims to be With a short intro and bright tone, every bar contains his four beats.

he said: A normal chord he uses three notes, but a “seventh chord” he adds one note, providing a sense of musical “tension” and “relaxation”.

The track was, at the time of its production, the most expensive single ever recorded due to its complex soundscape and new formula, but was released by group members Brian Wilson and Mike Love. written and often regarded as one of the most important compositions and recordings. It was an overnight success, topping the charts in several countries around the world on its first release.

Dr. Bonshor added: long stacks. When it comes to how happy songs are made, they like loud sounds, and the notes are played brightly and bouncyly by instruments such as trumpets and electric guitars, rather than mellow instruments. Finally, repetitive rhythms and guitar riffs are the ones that keep people hooked and memorable. ”

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