The Weeknd Teased A New Music Video From His ‘Dawn FM’ Era

The Weeknd had the first major drop of 2022 — a year marked by the release of an A-list album — Dawn FM January 7th. Avatar: Path of Water soundtrack.

The Weeknd, in the intervening months, After Hours Till Dawn Tour and hype Idolbut it looks like he’s going back to the beginning of 2022 to start 2023.

In the last 24 hours, Diamond Certified Artists have chosen 2022 Collages and After Hours Till Dawn Tour A hype video with the caption “xo bout to F*ck up 2023”. In response to the video, one fan tweeted, “Dawn fm is about to turn 1. How does it feel?” The Weeknd replied, “I think there’s someone out there who’s like a music video.”

“Who else?” is number 10 of 16 Dawn FM truck.Lovestruck, paranoid slow burner received lyric video Dawn FMrelease, The Weeknd performed the song as part of his ‘The Weeknd x The’. Dawn FM Experience” March Amazon Special. But it’s safe to assume, “Is there anyone else?” You’ll get the full movie treatment soon. The video for “Out of Time”, assisted by Jim Carrey and Ho Young Jung, set the bar high, but The Weeknd has never struggled to exceed it.

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