‘The Voice’ Announces Season 23 Mega Mentor and Changes to Competition

voice announced that national icon Reba McEntire will serve as a mega-mentor for the show’s upcoming 23rd season, which returns to NBC on March 6. McEntire will join new coaches Chance the Rapper and her Niall Horan, as well as returning chair her Turner. Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are giving the series its final spin as the only original cast members in 12 years.

McIntyre and the coaches guide the acts through the Battle Rounds as the teams prepare for the knockouts starting April 17. McIntyre served as her advisor to Shelton’s team Battle in Season 1, so it’s even more likely that she’ll return in Blake’s final act. poignant.

The release announcing McEntire’s return also noted that the show would be adding some significant changes to the format to make the competition even more intense this time around. , both artists can advance the battle. Her one of the “Pass” winners can get a huge advantage by skipping knockout his round and automatically advancing to the playoffs.

Each coach will have one playoff pass and one steal during this round, advancing seven artists from each team (six going to the knockout round plus one passing artist). During the knockout period, the artists pair up with each other to pick their own songs and perform them individually, while the competitors stand by on the sidelines. The coach then selects the winners and the unselected artists can steal back. Each coach only steals once during this round, as five artists advance per team.

Finally, the remaining 20 acts will face off when the playoff rounds resume on May 1, with each coach having to pick two to advance to the live semi-finals. This season’s live show starts on his May 15th. voice It airs on NBC on March 6 at 8:00 PM ET.

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