The Lottery Winners team up with Shaun Ryder for ‘bananas’ new single

The Lottery Winners release new single with Shaun Ryder

The Manchester-based indie-pop band, consisting of Katie Lloyd, Thomas Rylance, Joe Singleton, Robert Larry and Alexandria Langford-Taylor, is joined by fellow Mankunian and Happy Mondays star Sean (60 years old) was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him. In the video for the new song “Money,” the “Step On” hitmaker plays the role of a lord who hires the band as a removal expert.

Thom says: How spiritual is it? Being in the studio with him was such a strange and wonderful experience. For some reason he gave me a horse chestnut he had in his pocket. i love him. He is a true Manchester music legend and a true genius.

Shooting the video was also a banana. It was filmed where Peaky Blinders was filmed. One time I had to drive my Luton van past Happy Monday into Tommy Shelby’s driveway. I live a strange life The song is Banger. It takes both an arm and a leg just to heat your home, and I think a lot of people can relate at this point. ”

Meanwhile, guitarist Rob Larry added that Sean is “cheeky” and “brilliant” on the new song, with lines dating back to his Happy Mondays days.

“Tom said, ‘I want Sean to say something like, ‘Call the police.'” Five minutes later Sean said: “They stole my money, call the police.” He said that! we’re putting it in Sean said that line so cheekily, it was great.

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‘Anxiety Replacement Therapy’, which also features Boy George, is set for release on April 28th and tickets for The Lottery Winners’ April tour are available now.

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